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    Justin G.
    Deathscythe Animated Studios

    Ugh...time for an update. It's definitely been a hell of a year. I haven't been editing lately due tue almost constant work, putting in about 60 hours a week. However, I noticed two days before Christmas someone left me a comment for my Ultra Fantasy video. "bleh" was all the person wrote, personally, I though it was pretty good for my first video...well, now that I watch it I think my infatuation with it is mainly due to the fact that it was my first video. Kind of like your first car, or your first love, you remember both fondly but are happy the car is dead and your in love with someone else. So, I wanted to see how far I have progressed...I going to "Remix" my Ultra Fantasy video, but I think I am going to add some clips from FFVII:A.C. and FFVII:L.O. Maybe. But my new baby is truly a wonder, I'm going to mix two of my favorite songs together, "Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums" and "Pet" both by A Perfect Circle. I have a few anime's in mind but haven't quite decided yet. A Perfect Circle and Tool have way different sounding music than anyone I've ever heard before. Their melodic use of minor chords and their inventive sense of how to use drums blows me away every time. This will be very different than what I'm used to in terms of editing, I've always tried to follow the beat to glory, but this is going to be much more subtle...let's hope it works out.

    Information: It all started with a Pwolf video and I was hooked. I watched the video and told myself "I have to do that". Now I have 9 videos hosted on the org. The first video I made was created in 2002-2003 with Windows Movie Maker. All my videos so far have been done with Movie Maker or Movie Maker 2. I was always seeking new and better ways to edit with Movie Maker, and I believe I have reached a limit with Heaven's Coming Down. Now I'm looking at playing around with Sony Vegas and Adobe Elements 2 coupled with Adobe After Effects.

    A few notes about my editing: Editing isn't just something to play around with on a weekend or when I'm bored. It provides an emotional outlet for me and I never created them for the purpose of letting other people watch them, but since the .org is here...I feel like I'm sharing individual pieces of myself. That is why I have about 20 more completed project that will never be shown on the org, there is just too much in them.

    My Goal: My Goal is to never make the same AMV twice. Even if I find a formula that works particularly well, I want to do different things, I try not to use the same anime unless it's a different type of video, from comedic to dramatic to action..

    Justin G.
    Deathscythe Animated Studios

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