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  • Profile: Hey I'm Heather,

    If you can't tell by the picture in this profile one of my favourite anime characters is Ami-chan (Sailor Mercury) from Sailor Moon.
    I love AMV's. Actually I didn't know they existed until about Febuary 2002. A friend of mine sent me a cd she had burned with a copy of all these AMV's she'd downloaded off the internet. The vast majority of which were by Aluminum Studios.
    So thats how I fell in love with AMV's. I tried making my own on this program I first bought without knowing anything about what I was doing. Got frusturated then gave up.
    Then a while later I found out my high school had a video class, so I signed up for that. It was completely amazing and a lot of fun. I got to make a claymation, a little drama, film some of the school and local plays and even did a documentary the teacher was making with a couple of the other students.
    So now that I know what I'm doing I'm working on making AMV's as well as filming other projects that I take an interest in.
    Currently all I have is dial up so it takes forever for everything to upload and download but hopefully soon I'll be living somewhere else and be able to get high speed.
    As well I've recently just changed my studio name. It was once, Ganbaruwa Studios. Which is what my first two AMV's and a bunch of school projects are under. Now however its been changed to: Rampaging Purple Daisy Productions, or RPDP for short. Any new AMV's that show up will be under that studio name.

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