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    Well mainly thanks to downloading stuff off the internet I got into AMVS like waaayy back, about 2 1/2 years ago, where the first inspirational video my buddies and I saw was,
    FF-Series:Offspring(Starring at the Sun). Yeah hehe. Then later on I started making my own amvs mainly based on video games, which lead me to work on my degree in computer graphics and animations now in school.

    *Music-videos made so far and well known on Kazaa as well as our website(
    1)FF8:Stabbing Westward-Television
    2)FF9:Phil Colins-you'll be in my heart
    3)Legend of Dragoon: Stabbing Westward-Torn Apart
    4)FFX-Reminiscence:The Calling- Wherever You Will Go

    I'm in the works for creating REMASTERS for the first three music videos in that list basically cause they were made about 2 years ago and the quality could be better. Of all those videos, my FFX video is my greatest work.

    *Software for video editting and encoding:
    a)Adobe Premiere 6.5
    b)Adobe After Effects 5.5 Pro
    c)Ulead Vstudio 6+effects
    d)Virtual Dubb

    *Software for Computer animation
    a)Cinema 4D XL 7.3
    b)Lightwave 7.5 (still learning)
    c)3DSMax5(still learning)
    d)Maya 4 Unlimited(still learning)

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  • Visual Quality8.37
  • Audio9.00
  • Action Sync8.45
  • Lip Sync8.24
  • Special Effects8.49
  • Effort8.60
  • Re-view-ability7.92
  • Overall8.43

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  • Count14
  • Originality8.86
  • Visual Quality9.21
  • Audio8.71
  • Action Sync9.07
  • Lip Sync
  • Special Effects8.86
  • Effort9.36
  • Re-view-ability8.07
  • Overall8.86

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    • The Calling Wherever You Will Go
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    • Stabbing Westward Torn Apart
    • Legend of Dragoon (game)
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