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    Originality:4 videos
    If (statement = True) {statement = False};
    !@#$%& Amor!
    Flash Before Your Eyes
    There are definetly more videos out there. These are just the one's which I have seen which have the most unique and novel concepts. Hopefully you'll get the idea of what ratings a video deserves for originality after watching these videos.

    Capture/Output Quality: ...and forever [dreaming]
    trythil knows AVIsynth like the back of his hand and is one of the most knowledgable and helpful video editors on the org. This video is only 30 megs but looks as good as other videos twice it's size. This is the perfect example of a video that deserves a 10 for compression.

    Sound Quality:Slivers
    Yes I know it's one of my videos, but it's the only video I know of that has OGG audio and believe me there is a noticable difference in quality when you move up from MP3 to OGG.

    Action / Editing Sync: (This one has three videos tied for first.)
    This song for this video is instrumental and the pace of the music changes drastically throughout the song, and is is very fast paced toward the end. Yet the video makes good use of quick transitions and fades along with action that fits the music.
    The Devil Within
    This video uses a very fast and intense song. And the video is just as fast. You'll have to watch it a dozen times to catch all the transitions. All the the transitions are timed perfectly and like PENiS!!, match what is going on in them.
    This video makes the list because not only does the action in the clips fit with the music, but stylistically there arent any other videos like it (at least that I know of.)
    (and Hail to the Theif gets honorable mention in this category for the 2:10 to 2:44 section of Hail to the Theif.)

    Lip Sync: Any Lip Synch video done by Fluxmeister
    Any video of his with lip synching in it is the perfect example of how it is supposed to be done. Zarxrax's video "The Fanservice Video" would have a link but it's not up for download so what would the point be?

    Digital Effects: 2 videos
    -video 1-
    Shameless Rock Video
    This is the perfect example of how to use effects the make your video better. They all enhanced the video stylistically and fit the music perfectelly, on top of dazzling the eyes.
    -video 2-
    This video needs no introduction. It uses a mind blowing number of effects.
    Little known fact about the video, the Ghosting was not actually an effect but actually a defect on one of the DVD's because they werent the R1 releases but actually crappy HK bootlegs.

    Effort: This one is hard to judge. If there is one thing people are wrong about most it could easily be this. I'd say the best indicator of effort is how much time they spent editing. That being the case, the following effects videos I have listed above would be the best example of effort put into a video,

    Overall : 5 videos
    Chemicals Between US
    And That's That
    Souls of Rage and Sorrow
    The Pony Man
    Mad World
    This is one of the most difficult categories to choose examples for. It is meant to be based on your reaction to the video and how it affects you. One thing to kind in mind when you're deciding what rating a video deserves. The whole is greater than the sum of it's parts. These videos don't deserve 10's in any of their categories but still got a 10 from me because of how much I liked them and the affect they had on me. That's the best I can do for this category.

global average

  • Count231694
  • Originality8.47
  • Visual Quality8.37
  • Audio9.00
  • Action Sync8.45
  • Lip Sync8.24
  • Special Effects8.49
  • Effort8.60
  • Re-view-ability7.92
  • Overall8.43

average given

  • Count45
  • Originality7.82
  • Visual Quality7.09
  • Audio8.04
  • Action Sync7.84
  • Lip Sync7.89
  • Special Effects7.57
  • Effort7.98
  • Re-view-ability7.07
  • Overall7.58

average received

  • Count23
  • Originality8.74
  • Visual Quality8.96
  • Audio9.43
  • Action Sync8.74
  • Lip Sync
  • Special Effects8.35
  • Effort9.22
  • Re-view-ability7.83
  • Overall8.70


The Pony Man
Mad World

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