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  • Profile: Konnichi wa everyone,. XD

    So!! How Ya doing,.??
    Hm.. you want to know something about me??,.

    My name is Anna (call me A-san heh)
    I live in a Damn little country,.
    I'm only 12, and thats why my english sucks,. sorry,..
    My favourite Anime will always be Full metal Alchemist,. GO Edward elric,. Watashi no Edward,. XD
    Hm,. and my favourit manga is Kill me, Kiss me,. Gaa-Woon,. your sooooo,. *Drool*
    My favourite music/Bands is:

    Miyavi: Forever a hottie,. loves shinkenkan baby, PoP is DeaD andOnpu no tegami (when i wants to sleep hehe)
    Depeche mode: Ęthey are making wonderfull music,. loves Walking in my shoes, John the revelator and darkest star
    Dir en grey: OMG they are so good,. loves Killer loop and AMBER,. hehe
    Japan: loves Ghost and gentlemen take poloraids

    Hm,. i love to draw too,. and im kind of okay,. I think,. -.-

    so Everybody Drop a message, PLEASE,. XD

    Sorry for my BAAAAD english again,. im working on it,. -.-

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Fullmetal Alchemist (TV)
Full Metal Panic
Mew Mew Power
Ragnarok The Animation
Silent Mobius
Pita Ten
Nadia - The Secret of Blue Water (TV)

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