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  • Profile: I started watching anime about 10 years ago. At some point I saw some AMV:s (mainly the legendary ones from Bobby 'C-Ko' Beaver & Bill 'Roadbuster' McBee) and thought I could make some of them.

    After a long time I actually got around making them (encountering a lot of problems) and my first one was 'Bad Boys of ADP'*. I edited couple of AMVs for my friend and from his idea I made 'The Fly'. I have ideas for few more but those must wait for a suitable opportuity.

    My two AMVs have not received any rave reviews but nobody has compared them to 'Gigli' either. So they are totally average and that's probably worse than being compared tp 'Gigli' since at least everybody is talking about that movie.

    Anyway, recently I bumped into Grekon and Venom. Before you knew it, we had a first finnish AMV studio up and running with such people as Lupus Lupus, Janzski & Rain.

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  • Count231681
  • Originality8.47
  • Visual Quality8.37
  • Audio9.00
  • Action Sync8.45
  • Lip Sync8.24
  • Special Effects8.49
  • Effort8.60
  • Re-view-ability7.92
  • Overall8.43

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  • Count0
  • Originality
  • Visual Quality
  • Audio
  • Action Sync
  • Lip Sync
  • Special Effects
  • Effort
  • Re-view-ability
  • Overall

average received

  • Count2
  • Originality9.00
  • Visual Quality7.50
  • Audio3.00
  • Action Sync7.50
  • Lip Sync
  • Special Effects
  • Effort8.00
  • Re-view-ability6.50
  • Overall8.00


Bad Boys of ADP

My Videos (3)

  • Bad Boys of ADP (2002-07-12)
    [hits: 2238][opinions: 2]
    • Inner Circle, The Bad Boys (Theme from COPS)
    • A.D. Police (TV)
    • Bubblegum Crash
    • Bubblegum Crisis (Original OVA)
    • Action
  • The Fly (2003-08-31)
    [hits: 1093][opinions: 0]
    • Sarah Brightman The Fly
    • Ghost in the Shell
    • Serious
  • To the Moon & Back (2003-09-20)
    [hits: 442][opinions: 0]
    • Savage Garden To the moon and back
    • Super Dimension Fortress Macross: The Movie - Do You Remember Love?
    • Other