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  • Profile: I love making music video's and am annoyed at myself at presnt as I ahvn't amde any in quite a while. I usally make them involving my friends.
    But I love anime aswell and want to make more music vids to gain more skills for when I make normal videos.

    I plan on spending as much time as possible in my college edit suit if im allowed to to make videos and short films if I can so I can go to uni and study video production.

    I am very easily intimidated and lose confidence everynow and then, espcilly when I think others are better than me.

    With any luck I will get over myself and be able to produce some good videos.

    I have two videos pending to be uploaded.

    Oh/Ah! My Goddess~ Amanda Marshalls Beatiful goodbye (need to get from college syetem)
    Star Ocean EX ~ Poet and a Spaceman (still in editing)

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  • Love in Space (2005-08-12)
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    • Ali Whitton Poet and a Spaceman
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