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  • Profile: im class freak and its kinda fun if you want any on my vids you have to CONTACT ME yto get them there about half anime give or take one has absoulty none in it so far i have 4 vids workin on some new ones even a request that i doubt will ever see the net--yea i do requests if ya ask id be more than happy to
    my vids so far are

    1 imperfect girls
    sara pezzinni x-girls selene
    imperfect girl riped from pure live action sailor moon vid
    1st fan vid didnt end up half that bad

    2 immortals
    rogue and sara pezinni
    my immortal by evanescence
    2nd one still a few errors but getting better

    3 cant yall just walk to the light
    rogue and mystique
    walk to the light by jo dee messina
    only used 2 eps in making of this vid x-men tas 209 a rogues tale and x-men evolution 103 rogue recrute

    4 STOP NAGGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    x-men and sailor moon
    froggymix no nagging
    thought a live action-cartoon/anime thing would be cool and there is real x-men anime in there new footage it was fun really hard to time the beginning right but its cool

    if ya wanna get a hold of me yahoo i have jodeecmptrwiz rogue_marie_elisa and xroguemut all are usially online aim theres jodeecmptrwiz and roguemarieelisa msn is ill have to turn it on and there are 2 of my about 7 e-mail accounts i cheak often and the one thats listed--its morelikely yall get to me from listed one tho

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