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  • Profile: Hello all! *waves and mass-bowing*
    I am Samantha, more commonly known as Samma-chan. But I'm a pretty boring otaku - I only manage a few cons, a handful of costumes, and some cosplay scripts, because I have too much homework to deal with. x.x
    Most of my spare time has now gone to making AMVs. I feel rather addicted. I can't go for too long without trying to start a new one or rework an older one. It's my escape from homework and housework. ^^'
    But I'll stop being boring with random information about myself. I currently work with... Windows Movie Maker. *shies away in shame* I'm hoping to get a better program come Christmas. And some anime. I currently only have a handful of DVDs to work with, and half of those I don't plan on making AMVs with just yet. So all of my videos will be similar for now: all themed around Angel Sanctuary and Boogiepop for some time. My next animes that I plan to do work with will be Saint Tail and Fushigi Yugi. So if any of that intrests you, check here about once a month or so, and I may have up another video or two. ^^ My videos (except for my newest, Portrait), have all been videos that I try to make that either no one or very few people have made videos on - I'm trying to be original, really. You'll probably see a lot of character profiles, especially on non-main characters, here.
    And if you see any of my videos, and have the time, please leave an opinion with what I can make better - and maybe a praise in case I actually did something right. =^^=

    Some warnings/apologies begore you view any videos:
    I currently only work with Windows Movie Maker. Yeah, the one that comes with a computer that has XP already installed. *points above* I will hopefully be getting something better to work with soon, which will probably lead to remaking a few of the videos I've already done.
    Because I currently work in WWM, I only know how to save the video as .wmv. I've tried searching the fourms - maybe I'm just missing it, if it's possible. So, sorry.
    I'm quite new to this xp ^^' I'm still learning, so a lot of these videos are going to have LOTS of newbie mistakes (especially my first AMV, where I didn't think character talking + singing - lip-syncing = bad). I'll be t rying to redo these AMVs later on - if you leave an opinion, or send me an e-mail, with what's wrong (maybe with a few what's good, too ^^') I'd appreciate it, and it would help me make these videos (and new ones) better.
    Finally, I know asking for opinions when I've only left one is a bit hypocritical. I'm still getting used to posting opinions - I've started a few, then just not sent them because I'm scared. ^^' I'm horrible at giving criticism, and hate doing so because I'm always afraid of upsetting someone. That, and most of my free time goes to eithe video-making or role-playing with my friends, and I don't have much of it. But I PROMISE I'll post opinions in the future, hopefully the near future.

    That should do it for now. ^^' I'm quite done rambling.

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