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    I am an anime fan... I love to watch AMVs created by very talented editors... I am in no way a very talented editor... I do however, like to make AMVs whenever the inspiration hits me and attempt to make them the best I can. My first couple of AMVs I edited with a very old version of Ulead Studios while capturing video through my PS2 on my ATI Rage 128 video capture card (I KNOW RIGHT!?!?). Eventually I graduated from that primitive form of capturing video and went straight to DVD rips (although at the time I was compressing them to save space) and even downloaded vids (I know... taboo) all in divx (which I now know to be bad for editing, and I only had Windows Movie Maker in which to piece together my projects... (HA! You thought it would get better lolz!)

    However, now I've managed to get me a great (or at least better) editing program and have actually put in some time to read the guides offered on, I mean they're there, why not right?

    So now, armed with Sony Vegas Pro 8 and a new understanding of editing, I hope the next project I pump out will be enjoyed by all.

    With this new understanding of what I SHOULD be doing (but lack the skill to do so) brings about a new way of which I should be evaluating the AMV in which I do watch... that being said, when I do see an AMV in which just simply blows my mind and makes me question what I watched as being anime or not, deserves a 5/5 star rating and a comment and/or an opinion. An example of such is as follows....

    This AMV made me question the very fact that this was an AMV in itself, and because of that, you have made me question the very fact of which I should give a 5 our of 5 star rating on this website. For me, in order to receive one from me, you have to make me question the very fact that what I am watching is in deed an AMV pr not. Once you have done that... you have truly earned the prestigious 5 out of 5 star rating from me.

    Happy Huntings!

    Kenisama... out!

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School Days (TV)
Ef - a tale of memories (TV)
Scrapped Princess
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Soul Eater (TV)
Death Note (TV)
Sword of the Stranger

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