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  • Profile: ~~Please Note: I'm finally starting to make newer and improved AMV's, but with a new studio name of "MilkyTwilight". It is still the same old me but I had to change my name on Youtube to avoid the risk of being banned due to copyright violations. I will upload some of my older videos again but only a few. I basically wan't all of my old friends back, so please check my recent uploads. Thank you~~

    Hey there! I am an aspiring AMV maker and I'm loving it! My interests are music, movies, art, sports (hockey), video games (DDR) ,shopping, culture, and meeting new friends. I first got into anime while I was in Junior High. Like many people my first shows were Sailor Moon, DBZ, Gundam Wing, and...yes, Pokemon. After those few series I was hooked...I just couldn't get enough. Since then I have watched countless animes. After I had obtained both Bitorrent and high Speed destiny as an AMV creater became clear.
    And yes, as you can tell I love cheese very much. Thus the name of my studio. Cheese, next to anime is my all-time favorite thing.
    Making videos gives me a way to express myself in ways I never thought were possible. I have also always liked to imagine how certain scenes from a show or game would fit to some of my favorite songs. Now with this site....I can share my ideas to the world! =) Right now I am watching only the most recent animes such as Bleach, Haruhi, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Tokyo Magnitude, Bakemonogatari, Toradora, Seto no Hanayome, Natsume YuujinChou, K-ON, and Kanamemo. I enjoy making vids from them and I have greatly improved my skills over the last five years. I thank all of you who have watched and commented on my vids. I love ya!

    Take Care~

    PS: If you do decide to download/upload my videos from here, onto a different site please give me the proper credit and do not claim that it is your own. Thanks

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