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  • Profile: Hello people!! What to write? hum......

    Well, im 18 I live in England and love anime! I have a decent collection of dvds and try to buy anime when ever I can!

    People say im nutty, i cant see why lol :) I have been told I have a caring personality and i get on with almost every one! you cant keep everyone happy!!!

    I love martial arts and do Kendo and Aikido and attended japanese language class

    I do dance classes and drama classes on the weekend

    I am coming to the end of my Alevels a college and will be taking a gap year before uni

    My fave all-time animes are:

    Cardcaptor sakura

    Sailor senshi


    Ai Yori Aoshi

    Sakura wars

    Neon genisis evangelion

    Tenchi muyo, universe and tokyo


    Arc the lad


    Those are my faves but I love all anime!!

    I like to draw anime if I do a good one it takes me hours and hours to draw! but sloppy ones take half an hour. i find myself drawing pictures for kids who come into hospital they ask me to draw their fave cartoon characters lol! i don't know why they ask me to cause im not that good they don't look that great lol! oh well the kiddies like them!!

    I do charity/volunteer work when i can i me allot of interesting people and met up with one person and watched cardcaptors in spanish! lol!

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