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  • Profile: Gee where should I start this profile thing. Hmmm. Well I will start if off all the way back to 1993. Yes this was the time I saw my first Japanese Anime. It happened to be Vampire Hunter which was being shown on the sci-fi network. At first I had now idea what to think. I was young at the time I believe 13. I was like this is soooo cool. There is blood and violence all over this cartoon. (Yes it was during the violent Mortal Kombat time of my life hehehe). So what ended up happening was I decided to go out and buy one of these tapes called "Anime". The first thing I bought happened to be Akira. I ended up watching it several times over. So then I ended up buying 8man after, Ghost in the Shell, and Venus Wars. These were just soooo cool to me at the time. As time past I ended up getting a job so I had money to buy some anime. I went out and bought some of the really crazy stuff like Wicked City and Ninja Scroll. After seeing these I think I was traumatized, but I said oh well and continued to buy. Once again I went back out to the store and bought myself Neon Genesis Evagelion (This was the first series I ever bought). Now after completely losing my mind from watching Eva. I had to get more. Henceforth my anime addiction was in full effect. I started blowing tons and tons and tons of my money on anime from the age of 16 to now. What do I have to show for it about 275 tapes and about 125 dvds. (DVDs are rapidly increasing now). Let me jump back though to another important time before I babble about my life now. I was 18 and out of highschool (Yeah!). I had many rumors of an anime shop in Princeton. I listened to these rumors for sooooo long. The one day I met this other person named Doug. We met through our job which is Blockbuster. We realized we had many things in common: Anime, loving Army of Darkness, and same types of music. So one day we both were talking about Princeton and both of us came upon this rumor of the anime shop. At that moment we were both determined to find that shop. So the next day we looked up and down Nassau Street to find this shop. Alas no luck. We started asking people in stores. One person said that there was a comic book shop on the second floor above a supply store. So Doug and I decided to check it out. We go up there find the store and walk in. To our eyes appeared a wonderous wall of anime rentals, and this other guy behind a counter (We will talk about him later.) First thing we did was ask how much for membership and we rented many o anime tapes. As the months passed and June came around we noticed a flyer in the anime rental shop. It was for Otakon 2000. Doug and I decided we had to go to a con even if it was in Baltimore. So we end up driving down to Baltimore for only one day (wish I stayed longer). We entered Otakon and saw many things. We really didn't know what the hell to do. So Doug and I were like this sucks. We just roamed the halls of the convention center until we got to this one room. Inside the Anime Music Videos were showing. We watched almost the entire thing. We thought it was the coolest thing ever. At that point I was determined to make one of those videos. (Oh we explored the con a bit more and went in the dealers room it was the best anime experience ever for us.) I ended up getting my first capture card about a month later. I started to work on this action video and then decided it sucked. So I ditched it. Then my best friend played me a couple of songs by Creed. I really liked the song My Own Prison. Then I got to thinking. This would be awesome for an Eva video. I got to work on it right away. As I worked on this video I encountered many problems (this is where the guy behind the counter at the video shop comes in). The guy at the anime shop, Scott Melzer, told me many ways to fix these problems. I tried and tried for several months until I got another capture card. This capture card was even worse(Dazzle) I didn't manage to do anything with the video. All my comp did was froze. So I kept going back to Scott. Eventually Scott and I started to talk about a lot more then just music video problems. He asked if I would like to help him on his parody. I said sure. I started to help out slowly on the parody around Feb. Then as we continued to work on the parody I came over more and more and more. Until I was there about 4-5 nights a week. At this point I totally left my music video on the side to work on the parody. (The music video was finished and all, but in really bad resolution (352 X 240) also many things needed to be changed). Finally May came around and the parody was still going strong yet the deadline for the music video contest at Otakon was getting nearer and nearer. I eventually ended up buying $500 capture card. (Yes the Pinnacle DC30) So during the time I wasn't working on the parody I was working on my video. I completely recaptured all the footage (Off DVD. :-) I fixed up some clips, changed some stuff and just barely got the video done for Otakon. All though it didn't make it into the contest I was still proud of my video. The rest of the time before I Otakon I worked on the fan parody and the last week and a half before the con I made the Army of Darkness Trailer. (I think its good, but if I had more time it would have been sooooo much better.) I was content though I ended up contributing a lot of the script to the parody, about 10-11 voices (A bunch were one liners), the trailer and some technical help. I also had soooo much fun working with all the people involved.


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