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  • Profile: I first noticed the anime music videos back in 2001. I was just looking for Xenogears vid clips and pictures on a certain p2p filesharing service, because I'd like to see the ending without having to beat the game again. When I finished downloading one of the files, I viewed it and was shocked and awed. It was not something that I expected, but it was pleasant. I decided that I wanted to see more and googled a search for more music videos, and thus bringing me to this place. However, the following months, I waned away from the AMV scene because of schooling and work. Now that I've learned to organize my time better, I found some love in the AMV org once again.

    After some searching through the Org, I became a bit disappointed in not finding the kind of videos that I'd like to see. Since I seriously doubted that experienced AMVers would be taking requests, I decided to just make them myself. Thus here I am.

    A very long due update. I haven't made another vid since June 2004. Main reasons are that DVDs are expensive and I simply did not have the time and resources to go further. I have plenty of music, the visuals, however are a different matter. I still got plenty of ideas though, so don't count me out the game yet. I'll try to do the best I can when I get what I require.

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