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  • Profile: Yo! I am Nikki! Perhaps you have visited one of my 3 sites! I have Nikki's Anime Music Videos, Graphic Gatway, and Trunks Territory! But, enough of the self promotion... I am a chick who loves anime and music. That's why I joined. I have so much fun making them. Anyway, Um... So you ak me:

    Favorite Color: I have 2. The shades of purple and blue!
    Favorite Food: Cucumbers and Italian

    Snack: OREOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BAND: None... I like the music, not hardcore fan of any. I just listen to music. But lately, you could say, Linkin Park, Sum41, and Blink 182.

    Movie: Toughie... None again. I like almost every movie I see!

    Hobbies: Well I like Animes like Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Cardcaptors, Tenchi, Cowboy Bebop, Macross Plus, and I like magnas, too. read Potter, comics, magazines... Next question! I love to draw!!!!!! ^_^ I like to dance and I'm on the dance team. I love music. I play piano and clarinet. I'm learning guitar. I don't really have a favorite band because I like music when I hear it and I don't know every single useless fact about musicians (I leave my memory for anime things ^_^) but I do like a lot of songs, like the midis I use in the background of the site? That is the type I like. Ok! I love to go to the MOVIES! I just recently saw Tomb Raider and it KICKED @$$!!!! I loved it! I like those action movies and I like animated movies like Disney and I loved SHREK! I like to watch Nick at Night when I'm not watching anime, cartoons, or MTV shows (Mandy and Say What?). My all time favorite is I LOVE LUCY! Always hilarious! ^^ I like the Jefferson's too. Ooh! AND Diff'rnt Strokes! AND, THE FACTS OF LIFE! I also like to watch the Disney channel. They always have cool shows and movies. Oh! And me and my buddies are starting a Band! We are currently debating on what it should be called. There's LOADS more about me but I don't want' ya'll to get tired of hearing about my life.

    Things at least I find interesting:
    -My uncle's friend has been in a magazine (no, not a teen one...some business one).
    -My mom's cousin was high school music teacher to Bionce and Kelly from Destiny's Child.
    -My parents have seen a play with the dude who played Dumbledore in Harry Potter.
    -I have gotten a pep talk about college from a Harvard Student.

    How'd I get into DBZ?
    Well, a few years ago I was staying up late. It was 11:30P.M. and (here at least) they were showing DBZ. I was bored so I decided to watch it. It happened to be the first episode. I got interested. I asked my bro about it if he had seen it before. He responded, "Yeah...It's Dragon Ball Z. It's really cool!" So, I got into a habit of watching it every night until I found out about Toonami. I watched it during the afternoon from then on. I miss the midnight weekend Run. They used to show it on Saturday nights after 11:00....

    What about Trunks? Well, that I found out about two years ago. Yes. You see, my friend had a lot of extra DBZ cards and gave me some. He had a holographic of each image, as well as card form on the other side. I had to pick which ones of each I liked better. Well anyways, I it was then I remembered that once I had gotten a notepad (from downtown...kind of messed up) of DBZ (I was ignorant and thought that Goten was Gohan -_-) So I took it to school and gave some guys a page from the note pad. Then, this boy, one of the people I despise, I gave one to said "Look at Trunks!" *copied what Trunks was doing in image* and I was all " he is Trunks"! Of course, it wasn't till they showed the Trunks saga that I had learned more about this Hot Hero.He soon became my favorite. By then I already knew a lot of background info on him and was confused by that he traveled in time until I saw it. Well, the rest is history! I learned more about the Purple Haired Wonder and he ultimately became my favorite! Though only a couple of my friends agreed with me... -_-... Sometimes I would go around with my trusty pencil box (when ever I get a scanner I'll show you) and show a picture to just some one I know who doesn't really like DBZ and ask "Who do you think is cuter? Him? *pointing at Gohan* or HIM? *pointing at Trunks*" usually they wouldn't care. Ok. I've written more here then on any other section so I'd better shut up...

    Yeah, that's a copy and paste from the profile of mine at Trunks Territory. Anyway, I just am a person who likes random things so um....thats it!

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