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    Just try... see what happens...

    [Append 2004-07-30]

    That has been my profile since I started here in 2001. Damn, Maybe I need to add a little something.

    One video, that I have since lost altogether (it's gone and no one has it ;_; ) and a Multi Editor Project that has just shy of 14 seconds of video editing on my behalf in 3 years. Am I good at procastinating or what? Yes, I am very good at procastinating. But that's not the reason why. Call it AMVers block. That and being picky about my music AND anime doesn't help at all (though I do watch a plethora of anime: what I like is a different story). I am a great anime fan so this place is like heaven whether I make AMV's or not. The community is also the most friendly place on the net that I know of.

    Basically, I am holding out until I have a song and anime footage that I will TRULY enjoy putting together. I have started 2 or 3 ridiculous projects on a whim that soon fizzled or I lost inspiration for. You can also claim I have lack of dedication or am I afraid what I finish will be crap? Lack of dedication I can give you, but as for my vids being crap? I wish I still had my Solus Nomad Video so I could show you what not to do with an AMV. But I don't care what anyone said, IT was the most fun I had with anime. I was literally interacting with one of my favorite past-times. If you have any of my reviews than you know I say that at the end of my reviews. Basically: If you had fun making it, no matter what I say will make a difference.

    Though I haven't watched many AMV's lately or subsequently given ops lately. I was on the .Org Aim chat for... a very short time, and I'm a regular on the IRC channel. I can still hold fast that this still the friendliest place for people like me on the net. I may even post on the forum once and a while. But if you must get into my head - e-mails the best.

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Gunsmith Cats

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