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    Well, this is what I get for only using one artist for all of my videos.

    Anyways, as you can see, my four videos are no longer available, thanks to's very close call a while ago. Now, I had two that I had made and was planning to post on the downstairs computer as a bit of a rebound that weren't by Evanescence, but alas, that damn external harddrive decided to leave me with nothing and died, also taking with it all of my footage.

    Not to worry. I still plan on making more AMVs, of course.

    And what ho? An update!

    At this site, you can find my remake of "More Than Memories", "Of Memories and Dreams":

    For further details regarding the video, look below at the bolded text that was originally on the video's info page and yet for some reason has failed to show up thus far.

    EDIT: As of 2006, all of my videos have hit the trash heap. I originally made a remake of this video to post here before I knew what had really happened, and you can find it at this address.

    Anyways, about the video. It uses most of the same footage as the original, only I actually put thought into the order this time. The basic premise is that Yuna's dream in X-2 is what she believes to be happening, and I played around with the effects in Windows Movie Maker this time to emphasize that. When you see a blend of sepia tone and film-age: older, the affected clips symbolize memories. (You'll notice a lot of little flashback strings about either Tidus or Yuna, depending on which I focused on in the previous verse. 3:13 tugs at the ol' heartstrings. ;__;) And when clips appear to be more bright and blurred (the effect's called film grain), that's what Yuna hopes was a dream. Of course, we all know she's got things mixed up. At around the half-point, Silly Miss Summoner begins to acknowledge that Tidus really did disappear.

    ... Oh. You know that confusing little part where's there's Tidus in the Blitzball ring thingie, and he has those two visions of Yuna? This obviously didn't happen, but I just tried to manipulate things so it would look like he was still alive in some gutter, "calling out" to Yuna.

    Well, that pretty much covers it. There are a few tiny little things I would like to have fixed, looking back on the video, but there isn't really much I can do about WMM's stupid clip-cutting tool. I believe that's it.

    Oh! There's more?

    I have yet to post this one, and I don't really see a reason to. It's very short, as are most AMVs of the "trailer" variety. The footage is from Final Fantasy IX, and the song is the TV edit of "Yasashii Yoake" by See Saw (the ending theme for .hack//SIGN). If you care to leave a comment, feel free to do so on the site:

    Look forward to more videos. :D

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