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  • Profile: My name is Travis M. I started to like anime when I was 11 and half years old and im 18 years old. My vary first anime I ever saw was Akira and im preety sure most of you heard of akira if you are big anime freak like me. Well Cody Anderson really got me really started to like Japanese Animation when i was 12 years old and i asked just like this "hey cody the color on the characters are so cool and i know these are not American characters what are they." then cody said "well they are called Japanese Animation. then i asked him well where can you buy them he said pretty much any where they sell Videos cool then i start to collect Anime. then since i was 12 years old all the way though 18 that's 6 years know i aready have this much.

    Dragon Ball (Episodes 1-18) + (Movies 1)

    Dragon Ball Z (Episodes 1-130) + (Movies 1-4)

    Dragon Half (Eepisodes 1-2)

    Dragon Pink (Episodes 1-3)

    The Slayers Next (Episodes 1-12)

    The Street Fighter The Annimated Movie (Edited + Uncut Version)

    Street Fighter (Episodes 1-3-28-29)

    Gun Smith Cats (Episodes 1-3)

    Sin The Movie

    Sukeban Deka (Part 1)

    Twin Signal (Episodes 1-3)

    Oh My Goddess (Episodes 1-5)

    Ranma 1/2 (Episodes i dont really know but i have probley about 15 episodes the most on a blank tape.)

    Irea (Episodes 1-6) DVD

    Variable Geo

    Twitight Of The Dark Master

    Dirty Pair Flash (Act 2)

    Poltergeist Report Yuyu Hankusho (Dubbed + Japanese Version)

    Fatal Fury

    Fatal Fury The Motion Picture

    Digimon The Movie

    Bastardy Exodus

    Cyberetics Guardian

    Tenchi In Tokyo (Episodes 1-4)

    Tenchi Forever (Movie 3)

    Tenchi Muyo (Movie 2)VHS + DVD

    Techi & Friends Special Preety Sammy 2 Revenge Of The Imperial Electronic Brain (Sub-Titled)

    Sailor Moon R The Movie (Edited Version) (VHS)

    Sailor Moon S The Movie (Edited Version) (VHS)

    Sailor Moon Super S Movie (Edited Version) (VHS)

    Ninja Cadets! (Dubbed) VHS

    Bubble Gum Crisis (Episode 4) Sub-Titled

    All thoes i named to you are on my regital tapes too i brough most of them too with my own money i have a job right know at this vary moment i dont so i beet you are stook to see how much anime I have but you see i tolk you i am a anime freak just call me Slash ok thanks. well that's all i have if you have any question's fell free to check out my site to download my Music Videos i made and please fell free to e-mail me any time you won't Thank You!!!

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