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  • Profile: Hi~!

    I'm Kaoru of Fantasy X Infinity Studios ^__^

    I don't have any of my vids up for download here at the moment, but I shall be debuting (hopefully) two of my vids at Fanimecon 2004.

    Perhaps if you're here, you saw my vids there ^__^

    thanks for dropping by~!

    ~ Kaoru
    Facts and Q&A
    Studio Name: Fantasy X Infinity Studios

    Video editing software of choice: Pinnacle Studio 8 (with Adobe Premiere as a back up)

    Experience making vids: hmm... about 2 years now I think

    Average time making a vid: about 4 to 5 days on and off depending on homework load

    Shortest time making a vid: so far the record is: XD 1 day for a 5 minute vid

    Longest time making a vid: 1 month! "Fantasy X" required not only capturing videos, but my program crashed and I had to try to salvage it by redoing random parts of it that were damaged. Then, I translated the lyrics and had to subtitle my own work since not everyone can understand Japanese.

    Vids currently entered in contest: "Fantasy X" and "Furuba Friends" (>< I hope I got in~!)

    Where else can you find me?:
    --I exist around the internet under either the name "Kaoru" "Himura Kaoru" or by "Fantasy X Infinity"
    -- You can also find me as a Moderator of the Message board

    Where did the name "Fantasy X Infinity" come from?
    -- That came from the song by Pal@Pop called "Kuusou X" which translates to "Fantasy X" which of course is one of my vids. The chorus sings: Kuusou x Mugendai" which is "Fantasy X Infinity"

    Anything else I do besides AMVs?
    -- I've made a short experimental film ^__^ From time to time I also mix music. My latest creation is making a duet of Ryoma and Fuji from Prince of Tennis singing the song "White Line"

    Why don't you have any vids up for download?
    -- ^^; cuz I'm extremely self conscious and shy even through the internet and I don't have enough confidence in my work to share it completely except through cons.

    Who translates your Japanese song lyrics?
    -- I do ^^ I'm Japanese American (half Nisei half Sansei) while I have a few grammatical blurbs from time to time, I'm near fluent. But of course I get my work double checked by my imouto-sama who is far better at recognizing kanjii than I am >_<

    I saw you vid at a con, I didn't like it
    --Well, I'm sorry to hear that, but that's your opinion and there's no need to take it out on me, just go find a vid you do like by someone else and have fun watching that. We all have our own preferences after all ^_^

    I saw your vid at a con and I liked it:
    -- Thank you ^_^ please email me and tell me what you liked about it and how I might improve for future vids.

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