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  • Profile: For quite some time I've wanted to create an actual profile, but I'm really not sure what I want to say, or where I'd like to start.

    My name is Brad, and I'm currently going to school full time. As far as hobbies go, I love being with my friends and family. That's probably my favorite thing to do on any given day. I am also very interested in film, music, art, and of course anime. I've probably been watching anime for close to ten years, starting with *gasp* Dragon Ball Z. It used to air on network TV where I live, so before I knew it I was really hooked on that kind of 'cartoon'. I really hesitate to refer to anime as cartoons, as I feel that most anime really ascends beyond such a term. When I think of cartoons I generally think of Disney or something similar.

    As far as movies go, my taste has changed somewhat in the last few years. Now days, I really appreciate deeper, more artistic films. I've recently become a fan of most of Kubrick's work, as well as that of David Fincher. Both are very methodical and take the time to build an actual story. To me that seems to stand in stark contrast to other modern directors. Most movies today seem to be made for those suffering from ADD. I often wonder why Im willing to shell out $7 to watch a movie that is no deeper than the average music video you'll find playing on Mtv.

    As far as music goes, you could say I like anything that's done well. Though I definately love rock and metal the best of any genre, I really hate all this dirivative crap that's being released today. It's like all these kids making music today are afraid to try anything new. Afraid to create their own music. Instead they would rather borrow a tried and true formula from one of their peers. Also, I find myself drawn in more by lyrics now, as oppposed to just a good beat, guitar riff, etc. These songs I generally find to be much deeper, can enjoy on many levels, and dont get burned out on.

    Favorite movie: Hard to say, but I would probably go with Fight Club. Such an incredible and unique movie. I think the most disturbing thing about it though is that many people will pass it off as just an other violent action flick before sitting down with it and giving it a chance.

    Favorite band: That would have to be a toss-up between Tool and Nine Inch Nails. Both Maynard and Reznor are brilliant writers, and their work really appeals to me. While I usually get burned out on bands/songs in a matter of weeks, I've listened to CDs from both of these bands for months at a time with out growing tired of them. Truelly talented artists.

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