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  • Profile: I've pretty much given up trying to understand how this is all supposed to work. You see, I dwell on things too much; I over-think things all the time; I let small things get to my head; I'm overtly jealous; I find myself day dreaming constantly; I try to keep 'bad thoughts' out of my mind; I may be going out of my mind; I'm more irritable than I've ever been; I do believe I'm a kind person; I wish I were younger; I feel easily left out; I tend to let people down; I struggle with motivation; I'm that 'nice guy' you hear about; I cry more often than most guys; I'm a teddy bear; I'm kind of possessive; I'm the big brother; I'm used to disappointment; I sing for therapeutic purposes; I can be quite selfish; I'm a protective person; I'm a scatter brain; I am beyond blessed; I'm more than likely spoiled; I'm slightly conceited; I love my family; I'm still finding out who my friends are; I have hobbies to escape reality; I wish time would slow down; I care more than I should in some cases; I hold on too long; I thank God for my mistakes.

    Life is being really tricky these days, but I've brought it upon myself. I'm learning more about who I am every single day and the kind of person I want to be. I want to be someone people can trust. I want to be loved by everyone. I want somebody to love. I want to live a life that is full of joy and enrichment.

    Am I on the right track? I'll probably never know for sure. Until then, I'll take this whole thing step by step, and day by day.

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