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  • Profile: I do AMVs for fun. This is nothing more than a hobby to me. I don't refer to my AMVs as "art" because I don't get art. I feel I could pull something out of the trash and call it art. I make my AMVs what I want them to be and take comfort in knowing that some people out there like what I do. I use Windows Movie Maker because it came free with my laptop and works well for what I hope to achieve. I don't use a lot of effects in my videos and aim more for relation of the music to the character or concept rather than loading them with flashes and cuts. Some would say my editing is minimalist but I don't see it that way. I like to tweak things little by little to make them flow together but I'm probably just bullshitting you with that explanation. I do not respond to criticism from those who have no work of their own to show as it is my firm belief that all critics should be able to do whatever it is they are criticizing. Along with my character AMVs I am also the creator of the "popular" AMV Hell ripoff series/Bleach parody "Arrancar Party" on Youtube.

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