JOURNAL: Coderjo (Tracy Ward)

  • Woot! 2001-12-20 02:32:02 An hour ago I got home from the last showing for wednesday of The Lord of the Rings in this area. The movie, on it's own was pretty good. It does leave you hanging at the end, of course. They changed quite a bit from the book. I won't give examples, because there are a lot, and I don't want to spoil the movie for anyone.

    now on to some sillyness: 
  • continued 2001-12-19 00:35:58 At least, on the plus side, I added 20 gig of scsi storage at the same time as I removed that 9 gig drive that is dieing. I really wish that scsi drives were closer to IDE prices. 
  • Life's gonna suck / when you grow up, / when you grow up, / when you grow up. / Life's gonna suck when you grow up, / and then you're gonna die. 2001-12-19 00:29:02 Well, I just got done moving my desk to a different area in the house, followed by adding a couple of scsi drives to my computer before hooking it up and booting it. After booting, I find that the oldest scsi drive in my system is acting up. Its making weird clicking noises, as if it were being defragged, but it isn't. The noise starts partway through the win2k bootup, and pretty much keeps up until I shut down. After taking a nap and getting my mind off of the problem for a bit, I come back and undo all the changes I made to the scsi subsystem to see if that's the problem. Nope. So then I take all the scsi drives out of the system except that one, and boot into safe mode w/ command prompt. I try accessing the drive and get a message about the drive being corrupt, so I run chkdsk and wander off for a bit. When I come back, I find that it has completed, and it suggested running chkdsk with the /f option to fix the errors it found. I do, and it bombs out with "An unexpected error has occurred" while checking the indicies (this is an NTFS partition). I use another option that tells chkdsk to not check the indicies as thouroughly (i know that's spelled wrong), and it gets through that, and then complains about not having enough free space to recover lost files. As a result, that drive is out of my system and sitting on my desk until I can figure out how to copy the data off of it, as I can't access it in win2k. This drive contained around 4 gig of amvs I'd downloaded, my quake directory, some other video stuff, and some code I had been working on every so often.

    Life sucks. 
  • YATTA! 2001-12-08 12:21:52 I made the previous entry a few days ago, but immediately went back and made it private. I think a slight disclaimer is in order.

    The following page will almost assuredly have porn banner ads.

    The next URL points directly to the flash animation, but will likely not play correctly due to being resized. 
  • YATTA! 2001-12-06 16:23:07 Today's sillyness: 
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