JOURNAL: CodeZTM (Zackary )

  • S is for Strange Times 2013-02-08 15:42:53 My world is really weird right now. D:

    I'm... Happy? Kind of? D:

    Job stress and peacefulness is down after leaving new job. Plus.
    Time for hobbies is up. Plus.
    Old job is back. Plus
    Money is down. Negative.
    Debt is down from old job income. Plus.


    Oh, and Project Editor Season 3 is starting soon.

    Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon. :3

  • A is for Amo-Chan 2013-01-13 23:43:34 Girl, are you ever going to learn how to do Aspect Ratio and video size? XD

    Still, I dug it! A little fade-heavy and the anime art really didn't' compliment each other well, but I just love the mood you put into your videos. :) 
  • N is for Need 2012-12-21 21:22:38 I need a beta tester for this weekend. Can anyone help me out? 
  • L is for Lack of Activity? 2012-12-13 17:28:54 Someone recently messaged me that they never see me here anymore except for TTT. WEll, don't worry, it's temporary. I have a very seasonal job. December-May for me is rather busy, followed by a long period of low activity until October.

    So, no I'm not retiring or abdandoning my projects here on the org. I'm just busy!

    Plus, I start my new job Monday. :) 
  • C is for Comments & P is for Plans 2012-11-13 16:48:04 Got like 4-5 comments on Britannia Propoganda in the last few days, so I'm guessing Anime Vegas has a lot to do with that. THANKS for the comments. :)


    Plans for my Org Stuff

    Project OrgEditor Season 3 - March/April 2013

    Based on responses I get in feedback from TTT, I may change up Season 3 a bit to make it easier. I'm already snagging the theme committee, and based on the reactions from this latest contest, I think we finally know what everyone likes. Oh, and no more "Return from the Pasts" in the OrgEditor contests. Themes will always be original in the orgeditors.


    Lip Flapper will probably stay on Wednesdays and go in the current rotation. Not much else planned with it at the moment. Probably a few months out of the year when I take off, but I'll try and avoid that as much as possible.


    The contest replacing Tag Team Trials next winter is still in planning. No idea if I can get the peeps I need to make my idea come to life, but I'll try. If not, then I have a backup idea.
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