JOURNAL: FungieŻ (Daniel McCarthy)

  • Hi! 2003-01-31 15:41:22 Hey everyone. I've been so exhausted lately. But I'm happy to say that I *did* start a new video ^^ It's been taking me a while, but so far I'm quite happy with it.

    I'll probably eat pizza tonight and do something. I might watch "Metropolis" soon, since I'm in the mood to watch something anime. I'll probably end up watching "Miyuki-chan in Wonderland." My Otakon video uses it, by the way. Expect that up in a few weeks ^^

    Um..I think that's about it! Oh yeah, one more thing...

    SCHOOL SUX!!! 
  • More AMV News 2002-12-11 18:54:07 Lately I've had alot of ideas and not enough footage. I hope I can finish a video soon.

    My latest video is...ok. Some people will like it, while the majority will hate it ;_;

    The DVD sucks ass. It's about C+ quality. But it's better than nothing.

    Currently watching "Pet Shop of Horrors" for a video idea. Ja ne! 
  • 2002-12-10 17:19:56 Hola everyone. Long time no see. I haven't been able to login to my members account in the longest time but now I can get into my journal so here I am!

    Well my videos are currently rotating under so make sure to check them out ^_^ I really like them ^_^

    I also suggest you check out a video called "You Are Not Alone" by Kathryn Williams. She's not on but she's a member of Yuri Studios. The link is so please check it out.

    Utena in a Cocoon of Love is currently up ^^ Check it out in Mpeg form ^^

  • 2002-09-29 18:23:19 Well, I've been working really hard to get a video finished for you all. I just encoded "Gravity" into a better looking Mpeg-1. It looks awesome ^^

    I'm making CD's for AnimeUSA. Currently I have some videos burned, and am waiting for Anneke to send me her collection. The current CD is going to have:

    Daniel Fungie McCarthy - Utena in a Cocoon of Love
    Daniel Fungie McCarthy - Gravity
    Daniel Fungie McCarthy - Come September (low quality)
    Anneke - Corporate Sex Slave
    Anneke - Shuichi's Question Vr.2
    Anneke - December, 1864
    Anneke - For Kaoru
    Anneke - Adore Me
    Anneke - Kagome in Wonderland
    Anneke - Ketsurui Vr.3
    Anneke - Dream On
    Anneke - Big Thing
    Rita Banerjee (non-BDP) - Stupid Girl

    The "Stupid Girl" video is a favor for a friend. Her video kicks ass, and I love it, so I decided to include it.

    "A Boy's Love" is currently under revision 4 <sighs> I really DO hate the video, but love it as well.

    "Oh Glorious Memolu" is currently under revision 3. I expect that to finish soon.

    Due to the fact I did "A New Day Will Come" with Windows Movie Maker, I'm re-doing it. Expect it Dec.2002 or Jan.2002 or so ^^

    [So what has Daniel been up to lately???]

    Well, I've been re-encoding some of my older stuff into Mpeg-2 form. I'm gonna try and get Anneket to make me a tape of my videos. I'm also capturing for a video I'm working on.

    [What's in your VCR for now?]

    Urusei Yatsura Movie 1 (Only You)

    [DVD player???]

    Battle Athletes OVA Vol.1 & Battle Athletes Victory Vol.3

    [Current Craze???]

    Trying to finish my Katsucon video ^^;;

    Well talk to you laters!

  • Hey 2002-09-24 08:07:37 Hey everyone. You haven't heard from me for a while. Well this is just a quick note saying that I've paused my Otakon entry and am concentrating on a personal video and school stuffage. Ja matta ne! 
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