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  • Aww thank you random person O: 2015-10-19 23:05:12 Quick Comments For: Law Of Cycles

    2015-10-12 20:12:37After all these years still love your vids <3 
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    Unfortunately, no uploading here so have a tubes link instead :) thanks for watching XD 
  • Wow, I wasn't expecting that O: 2015-08-01 13:43:30 2015-07-30 14:06:30After watching this video, I went outside and found the first ant hill in sight. I stomped and stomped on that thing until my calves got all bloody and swollen from the bites. The video was great. I then took a shovel and found the queen ant, I fed it to my cat, he was not happy. Still the video was good. If you were looking to make people feel mad at the injustice of life and the futility of destiny, you captured it totally. Now that my right leg is fully swollen and may need to be amputated to the knee, I see the folly of my actions. Good vid though. Luv you. -A

    You should be careful with ants and seek a doctor's help after that kind of an incident (and maybe a vet for the cat) O:
    Still thanks for the nice comments about my video O:
    luv you too? 
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    Was sooner than I expected O: 
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