JOURNAL: Laerium (Diana )

  • About body things... 2011-05-15 17:39:26 Dii <- me
    Susie <- Chiiisus

    [22:33:32] Dii: :O
    [22:34:47] Susie: i swear my right arm
    [22:34:52] Susie: is fatter than my left arm..
    [22:34:58] Dii: o_o
    [22:34:59] Dii: wtf
    [22:35:00] Dii: xD
    [22:35:15] Susie: sorrie i hate the top part
    [22:35:17] Susie: of my arms
    [22:35:28] Susie: = why i'm exercising and stuff.
    [22:35:41] Susie: but i think the right one is fatter :]
    [22:36:28] Dii: o.o
    [22:36:28] Dii: LOL
    [22:36:31] Dii: hows that possible
    [22:36:32] Dii: D:
    [22:37:10] Susie: probably just how i'm looking at it...
    [22:37:13] Susie: OMG what if
    [22:37:19] Susie: one side of your body
    [22:37:21] Susie: was fat
    [22:37:28] Susie: and the other side was anorexic
    [22:37:32] Susie: .... XDD
    [22:37:46] Susie: You'd waddle like a pregnant woman D:
    [22:38:12] Dii: LOOOL WHUT XDD
    [22:38:17] Dii: -saves this-
    [22:38:22] Susie: I UNNO ;__;
    [22:38:26] Susie: It just came to mind...
    [22:38:28] Susie: D: 
  • LOL. 2011-03-23 18:36:35 Anddd I'm laughing for like 15 min because Portugal's president just quit :'D
    Ohmai :'D
    After a looong time (...yes cause somehow he was elected twice...) that 'thing' finally realized how he was being attacked by people for sucking so bad (yes because before he'd laugh at people and say we were just kidding... wow... he must really have thought we loved him).

    He just opened his eyes.

    For now, political crisis.... wow... :3

  • Another rant... jeeeesuus 2011-01-24 16:53:39 So, I'm taking this degree in Uni, and in my country, you have 2 ways of passing: or you do a work, a test and a final work, or if not, you do a final exam.
    I have this programming class, and it's Java. Annnddd, even if I liked Java, I couldnt finish the final project (actually nobody in my class could... <_< go figure.) so I dropped the first evaluation metohod, and I was hoping on doing the exam...
    Turns out I'm screwed. Ohsadlief. And i'm screwed because apparently , for the exam we need to hand in the final project still.
    But I could never finish it... D:< 
  • Supernatural Season 6 -rant- 2010-09-25 17:44:36 Agree with what @Chiiisus said on her Journal.

    So. I was all excited to see the new season, 'cause I'm an addicted of that show.
    But it turns out to be that the writer isn't the same ;w; I'm glad Dean keeps having his role well made. Sam... well I disliked Sam, so I'm kinda suspicious here but... wth D: he's totally weird on this season. And the episode kinda bored me. And it was kinda previsible. I mean; I was expecting Sam to come back (but I confess not the others that appeared) but the excuse for them was so... I don't know. Seems like their imagination is dying. Plus, -SPOILERS- how come those where revived but not his parents, Jo, Ellen, etc etc? -END OF SPOILERS-

    Well, I just hope the next episode makes this season more worth watching ;w; 
  • Uni 2010-09-24 18:21:14 So... I just realised today that Uni starts on Monday. And I'm freshman. FML : D
    I'm excited to it though. Hope I have a good week, since I'm also moving towns to attend it (I'm gonna start living with friends, hooray <3). 
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