JOURNAL: whispersreloaded (Clare )

  • Otakon 2011 2011-07-28 09:22:26 Here I come! Looking forward to bumping into my fellow editors while I run around in Ranka Lee and Elsia de Lute Irma cosplays ='D Didn't make the deadline for the amv contest this year though, which is a bummer :/ When I went in 2009, I managed to get runner-up in romance. Last year's collab entry was unfortunately not a finalist. But, at least there's always next year! 
  • h264 2009-06-29 13:48:29 Well, thanks to my new friend JForce, I can now stop acting so noobish and properly compress everything to h.264 XD wewt ~!

    As soon as I figure out how to get it perfect of course >.> 
  • My Exciting Discovery 2009-06-11 19:06:41 Clare=whispersreloaded

    [7:03:01 PM] Clare: I didn't know we had Journals *o*
    [7:03:19 PM] Kristyn: *o* Ive written one and angel has too
    [7:03:19 PM] Kristyn: XD
    [7:03:31 PM] Kristyn: wut 2009-03-14 17:35:04 Wut is a journal?
    No one wants to read this shit
    [7:03:32 PM] Kristyn: XD!
    [7:03:38 PM] Clare: ooh, I should start one <3
    [7:03:44 PM] Clare: not that anyone would read it XD
    [7:03:49 PM] Kristyn: xD I would!
    [7:03:53 PM] Kristyn: "Hits: 87"
    [7:03:55 PM] Kristyn: XD

    Well, while I'm pretty sure she was lying, this is my first journal entry, now that I actually know these things exist 8D

    and . . . not sure what else to say . . . .
    um . . . Kristyn is sexy? 
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