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  • Lip Flapper & I'm Retired 2012-05-21 23:25:33

    I've been tying up loose ends for a while; now I can say I'm officially retired from video editing. Iíve left one art form to pursue another, and I feel really good about it. Itís wonderful to think there are too many good things in life for me to get to them all, even if I live a hundred years. I must choose what to do with my time carefully; every wasted day is, at the very least, a fantastic book I wonít get to read!

    Sometimes I do miss video editing immensely, and start thinking wistfully about the amazing videos I could make--it's usually when I'm idle--but then I compare those videos with the stories I could write, and brace will against my weakness, and promptly get back to my work!

    So goodbye AMVs~ I'm not completely done with you, since I have editing friends who often want my help, but my own business is complete. ^_^ 
  • So you want to be an anime music video *ARTIST*? 2012-01-19 11:58:33 I'm listening to "The Perfect Bait" by Bobby Chiu on audiobook, which is about how to become a successful artist. The writer works in the sci-fi/fantasy art field, but the book easily applies to video editing.

    After all, art is creativity, bringing ideas that only exist in your mind to life. Artists in all fields need to know how to increase their skills, find motivation, get exposure, etc., regardless of their medium.

    A great way to learn those things is from other artists, their blogs, books, interviews, panels at conventions, etc. AMV editors are pretty vocal about their trade, but since this is a new field you don't have a lot of people who have been doing it for a long time. Other fields with experienced artists who have been working for decades is a great place to look for advice, besides the resources the Org and other active communities provide. 
  • New AMVs~~ 2011-11-17 13:17:10 Proof that we're all a bunch of goofballs over here. =P

    More from my sisters...okay I helped. I'm busy this week so I'll announce them later (or get those lazy bums to do it themselves?!), along with another one pink sugar just finished.

    Coming soon: Guru Guru Purgatory =D 
  • Camping 2011-09-19 04:02:52 I'm off to the great outdoors for the week.

    I feel like a kite carried along by the wind~~ 
  • This always happens. 2011-08-13 18:12:18 I've got hundreds of amvs in my download queue I've put off watching. =_= How will I ever catch up?
    Last time this happened I forced myself to watch them all in one day. x_x And it was dauntingly full again a week later...

    I'll just watch a few right now. Maybe I can get through it little by little.
    /watches five or six amvs.
    Hey, this one's really trippy. =O
    /watches another by the same editor.
    Wow, this guy's got an interesting style.
    /adds all his videos to the download queue.

    ...Oh snap.

    "This guy": 
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