JOURNAL: greenjinjo (Jason "Greenjinjo")

  • When does Half-Life 3 come out? 2005-01-07 19:59:35 Me wants it! What kind of ending was in 2? Geesh. Now I have to wait 5 more years for the next one ^_^

    But awesome game, really. Certainly one of my favorite games ever. But so was the original, so I wasn't really expecting differently.

    That's all, no AMV news this time. I'm just bored from trying to pack to go back to school =/ 
  • All I Want To Do Is Eat 2004-10-17 17:46:55 Well I thought we were going to dinner, but they have to finish their homework first. So I'm going to make a useless journal entry complaining that I'm hungry. Ah well.

    I did graphics and statics homework today. Amazing. I know. 
  • Vote for me in 2010! 2004-10-13 23:01:58 I've decided I'm going to be running for the US House of Representatives when I turn 25, which will be the 2010 election year.

    So, if you are in the state and district in which I will be running, please be sure to look for me.

    Sometimes I just get the feeling that the job can't be all that hard to do RIGHT. Not to mention the fact that there aren't enough "normal people" (yes, I make AMVs...) in Washington. By normal I don't mean "not weird" but people besides lawyers and the like. Just an average Joe. That's my take on things.

    When I run I'll have more of a plan for my platform, primarily depending on what the state of the country is at the time of my running.

    Don't worry, I'll keep you all informed ^_^ 
  • Everything Sounds So Quiet.... 2004-10-01 23:32:22 Well I just got back from a Ludacris concert. I thought my ears were bleeding somewhere in there, and right now as I type this I can barely here myself pecking away at the keys. Ah well.

    But it was a blast. I don't go to concerts very often, and the last concert I had been to before this was Michael W. Smith's Christmas Concert. So a bit of a change for me, I'd never been to anything like this.

    It was MAD CRAZY though! He sang my two favorite songs, Move (You know the rest of the title...) (*1) and Ho (*2). Oh man. Good times.

    Anyway, I have a new video out (well, it's been out for about two weeks now. But whatever. It's a lot of fun, it's a comedy trailer using a Pablo Francisco skit to GTO. Little Tortilla Boy...

    Advance Wars 3: Evangelion Commercial ReHack (and two others, Fluffy and Transcendi) won me an Asuka Award at Nan Desu Kan 8, thanks to everyone who voted for them!

    *1 -

    *2 - 
  • Won Some Contests... 2004-08-30 20:16:41 Yay! I'm so happy this video has won a few contests, I didn't know if it'd be taken as funny or not, but it seems to have gone over pretty well. So far it's won the Best Comedic video at CNAnime and Best Effects and Best Overall at So Sohma Studios contest, thanks to everyone who enjoys this video!  
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