JOURNAL: MystykAMV (Heni )

  • livestream 2012-08-07 05:57:41 well yeah, I'm editing a manga music video, so if you're interested 
  • Groove Coverage MEP is out! 2012-05-23 14:18:11 Check out the Groove Coverage MEP!

    Hope you enjoy! 
  • wtf 2012-04-30 06:59:30 QCS on my Wrong video:

    "what did the mermaid see a movie?"

    Can someone explain me what it means????? what "mermaid"??????? or is the person asking me if I have seen the little mermaid or what?..........:') 
  • CodeZTM 2011-11-07 15:00:39 I actually take it seiously, so I don't just give star ratings randomly. And I also give opinions, I don't give them randomly either :P well hopefully there are others as well who take this seiously. 
  • pissed 2011-06-30 04:39:51 It seems like I get pissed a lot recently....-.-" yesterday I got a message on facebook from a "friend" particularly saying I'm a nerd and that I did nothing to keep this friendship. Well okay that might be true, but she should have noticed that earlier, that I'm this type of person....also a few weeks ago we met and she was all smiling and me as well, and now she sends me this message, well thanks.....:/ previously she sent me some quotes as well about friendship, but what? she is older than me, she should grow up. It's not like I'm that mature, but this is just....D: and also she was like "soemtime ago we met someone and she asked about us and you had a weird expression on your face" well wtf should I say, when we're both in different schools, and hardly meet? things are not like they used to be. Also when we were younger and lived closer to each other I used to call her out to play almost every day and she used to chat a lot, and I told her that she cares about nothing but the internet, and she didn't say a thing, she didn't even look for me after that, I was the one who went there apologizing -.-" she also told me, that she called me out on a special day in the village but I didn't go, well I don't really remember that, but even if I didn't go so what? and what if she was with her boyfriend and I was just a nuisance, well then maybe she couldn't have called me if it was true....but who knows...:/ on a new years eve she was at my house with me, and then I think her boyfriend got pissed, well now what should I say?......okay just blame me, I know I'm also at fault, and now go and do whatever you want....-.-" 
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