JOURNAL: AbsoluteDestiny (Ian Roberts)

  • Do It Right (new video) 2004-09-29 18:53:06 Go to it... 
  • Just to remind... 2004-02-01 22:14:49 Sarahtheboring - it takes more than one person to get you qualified for Most Improved Creator, you know. You got as many nominations as dwchang so don't put it down to some fluke ;)

    Thanks to everyone who nominated my videos, btw - it was just like woah :)

    Enjoy the ret of the contest and make sure you watch all the vids before voting, people! 
  • ATTENTION! 2004-01-15 16:51:03 Can the people who know the following creators get them to message me NOW please

    Kurt Perry

    if I cant speak to them very shortly they will have automatically been disqualified from the VCA :( 
  • Aim For Victory! 2004-01-01 11:07:59 Edited one weekend just before Christmas, this is an Action/Drama/Cheese video for all the old school-ers out there.

    Anime: Gunbuster (Aim for the Top!)
    Music: War, by Vince DiCola [from the Rocky IV soundtrack]

    Probably spoilers for the first 5 episodes of Gunbuster but thankfully no spoilers for the amazing ending of the show. Don't be discourage if you haven't seen the anime. If you have seen the anime then good for you :)

    Simple editing methods this time, nothing too flashy. It's your basic action/drama video.

    View profile and download (div5/mpeg4 asp compatible - 70mb):

  • Road to Iron Chef 2003-10-11 18:28:42 
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