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  • wow it's been a long time. 2014-10-18 02:37:21 I remembered this site, heck I *still* send people to it all the time, just haven't been on it in forever and a day. Or, by the looks of the previous entry 8 frickin years!

    Will I get back in to it? Who knows, but I do remember the awesome and wonderful friends I met while I was here. 
  • back from my little trip. 2006-08-26 23:15:30 THANKS TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT PM'ed ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

    I just got back from spending a week horseback riding in Utah.

    Utah has some of the most amazing landscape that I've ever seen in my life.
    Most of the time we were in the Capital Reef National Park..
    Here's ONE of the canyons that we rode down.

    The whole place is just amazingly huge. When I say huge, I mean really really mind bogglingly huge. Canyons that are 2500 feet deep, going from one mesa to another could be an entire biome change. From pines and junipers to cactus and sage. Dust and sandstone, with Anasazi petroglyphs on them all over the place.

    One thing that was kind of weird was all the mormon graffiti. You see, apparently in Salt Lake city, the mormon church would send out these bands of settlers with the edict: go forth and be fruitful. That's why in Utah there are all these tiny little towns with peoples names like Torrey, Teasdale, Henrieville, Bryce, and so on. Yes, Bryce canyon was settled by mormons. Ebenezer Bryce. Anyway, the graffiti: they would come along and whereever they saw the anasazi petroglyphs they would write their own name over them and add in the date. 1897 etc..

    Utah, also has (at least according to themselves) the cleanest air in the country with an average visibility on a clear day of well over a hundred miles. That totaly threw me off. You see in LA, the air isn't that great. So, I'm used to being able to tell how far away something is by how clearly I can see it. In Utah, I could see the cliff faces 60 miles away with equal clarity. On top of that, all the mesas (I was on the Colorado Platau which is a series of mesas and grand 'steps' each thousands of feet in scale) what seemed like the bottom, or the top of a mountain or area could be totally misleading. You'd go down into a valley. at the bottom of the valley there would be a canyon leading to the bottom. Riding down the bottom along the stream bed for miles you'd come to an abrupt cliff face only to discover that you are in fact 800 feet up a sheer cliff face, on the top of a dried up waterfall.

    700 miles in 9 1/2 hours. Ok, so I drove a little on the fast side. Convertable mustang rented just for the trip. Yeah baby, I think I'll get one.

    I promised everyone that I'd post the pictures, so I'll put them up in a few days.  
  • bunny day. 2006-08-15 13:57:08 Me, at work today @ about 10:30

    I'm so ready to start my vacation next week.  
  • pornstars, ruminations on beauty... and OMG a strip club 2006-07-28 01:15:27 you know what's weird?

    When you recognize a pornstar, in person.
    I'm in office depot of all places, standing around waiting while the ONE goddam checker in the entire store slowly goes through all the people in front of me when this chick walks into the store. She's got a pretty cute face and a pretty nice set of legs. Huge goddam boobies. Like.. if there was a plane crash at sea, and I couldn't grab one of those cushions, I'd be safe if one of her boobies was in reach. Flotation device sized.

    It was like seeing a mustang shelby gt500, with spinner rims and a big goddam pickup truck bed badly welded onto the back.

    I don't get it. Maybe my view on beauty is distorted compared to other people. This girl was a beauty. Why the hell would she do something like that, and for that matter, do most guys really like that?

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess. I remember once that I was working at an MTV thing. Some big awards ceremony, with Mel Gibson and Robert Deniro. As usual they didn't listen to me and stuck me working the backstage entrance. Partway through the show this girl shows up. She was probably about 18-20. The people up at the front wouldn't let her in because she couldn't show her ticket. Dumbasses. The only way she could have gotten where she was would have been by coming out of the same door the were watching.
    Anyway the instant I saw this girl, I was immediatly overcome by the urge to protect her. It was weird and visceral. Without knowing her, or speaking a single word with her I'd have faced down an army. The thing is, there was no lust, or anything like that. It was weird. I still remember it probably for that very same reason.
    So I let her stay at my entrance till I could flag down the stage manager to take her to her seat. (which he did as soon at he came back). She kept trying to stand close to me. She'd grab the back of my shirt and hide her face when people came by. I kept needing to move her back so I could do my 'job' and check the credentials of identifiable celebrities, as if I was gonna keep them or their gorrilla bodyguards out.

    I only mention it, because, thinking about this pornstar chick, she looked pretty in a way, but in a completely artificial way. Thus, she was pretty like a 'thing' is pretty. The girl at the concert, I can't even really picture her clearly, but I can still remember the effect she had on me.

    I wonder if anybody else has had an experience like that?


    On another somewhat related note, and this might present some problems at school....

    There is a strip club across the street from my school (really!)
    Literally across the street.

    Anyway, the thing is... they have a video feed coming out of there that our computer network can detect and grab. Fortunately, there are only a couple of rooms that are close, and the signal is pretty weak so the odds on the teachers trying to get in on purpose are low.

  • 2006-06-25 00:41:32 So... I'm sitting down, on a saturday morning. Got a big cup of fresh coffee next to me, and I'm editing away. I'm experimenting with the HD raws these days. It's a different process from the usual ripped DVD stuff that I normally do.

    Anyway I'm plugging away, and enjoying myself when I hear my wife call me from the back yard. She sounds strange so I drop everything and rush back. Good thing too, because her whole hand is covered in blood, and it's dripping and running all over the place.

    Holy shit! So I try to be calm and ask her if she's ok (even though it's obvious that she's not. How she answers will tell me how bad it is) She seems in a bit of shock, but it doesn't look bad enough to call an ambulance.

    I driver her to the hospital. You ever notice that whenever something like this happens you get stuck behind the stupidest fucking drivers in the world? The towel that I wrapped her hand in is rapidly becoming so bloody that it's going to start dripping all over the place, which will freak her out since she's a nut about stains in the car. Odd the things that pop into your head at times like this eh?

    So we get to the hospital and I take her to the emergency entrance. Why is is that you can get valet parking everywhere EXCEPT at a hospital? Wouldn't you think that the ONE time that you actually NEED it, would be then? "Honey take your bleeding hand in while I circle the parking lot to find a space" I tell her. Eventually I find a space and go find her. She's in the emergency area. They took the towel, taped up the fingers and told her to wait. So we wait. It's 11:00 am.

    11:30 am - nope
    12:00 pm - nope.
    1:00 pm - Nope
    2:00 pm - Nope
    3:00 pm - Nope
    4:00 pm - Nope

    At this point I'm at the window yelling at the nurses to fucking DO SOMETHING. My wife tells me to fuck off and go shopping at Fry's electronics to calm down. I can see that I'm going to get arrested if I stay, so I go. I'll pick her up something to eat, plus I have the cellphone, she can just call me when she's ready (the electronics store is a few blocks away).

    5:30 pm
    I get back - you guessed it, still waiting
    6:00 pm - "you're next" they say
    6:20 pm - finally!

    So we go in, and the doctor takes a look at it, gives her two stitches and a tetanus shot.

    Now I'm all worn out. I think I'll watch some of the new Battlestar Galactical episodes and eat some jelly beans.


    Oh, in case anybody was wondering what happened: she was using a hedge trimmer. One of those long bar things with the shears that go back and forth. When she was putting it down for some reason she grabbed the front of it and sliced the shit out of her fingers. Yikes! Poor Suz. I'll have to be extra nice to her for a few days while she heals.  
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