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  • A blast from the past! 2017-11-20 20:08:35 Not me, the email I received today! A long time ago on an website far far away (in time), a call went out for likely candidates to participate in a graduate project of some sort studying...something to do with AMVs. Sorry, it's been awhile. Lo and behold, I get an an email from one of those folks today thanking me for my participation and asking if it's OK if they use my name in their published work.

    Well gee, I guess so... but did I really say what you said I said? *frowns* I'm sure the conversation was recorded, but referring to an affiliate AMV site is REALLY not something I would have done then and certainly would not do now. Anyone else suddenly being contacted about publishing "quotes" that may have been taken out of context?

    It's actually a little surprising they used my feedback at all. I got the impression at the time that I was not precisely the type of interviewee they wanted. I'm pretty sure it was before I had made most of my videos, too, so that raises some further questions... *waves* Sorry if I'm ruining your graduate project, this simply struck me as odd!

    New thought: Is this my final journal post? *cue X-Files theme* 
  • 2017-05-12 23:30:04 YouTube thinks I'm 40 years of age, which is not true, but is rapidly becoming more true.

    *creeaaak* Not saying I'm feeling my age, but my 15+ year association with anime is definitely winding to a close. For better or for worse, I don't watch a lot of anime these days. Not a lot of shows pique my interest, and I'm not sure that's entirely because my interests have evolved. I mean, I watched the whole run of Inuyasha, for goodness sake - INCLUDING the movies and OVAs - so it's not like I don't know my way around serial content.

    Errgh, well... one thing remains true: the AMVs I made still make me very happy and fill me with a feeling of accomplishment. I may be paid to make videos and other visual divergences these days, but my AMVs are all mine, through and through. They wouldn't exist without me and are 100% free of byproducts, chemicals and corporate influence. They're also gluten-free, but that's not as cachet as it once was... I mean, frozen PEAS are gluten free, big whoop-dee-do.

    What I do regret, if not as sharply as a couple of years ago, is not creating any more AMVs. It's not so much disappointment at lack of motivation and inspiration as a vague desire for those influences. AMVs and me were never an easy road, but I got things done when push came to shove. These days there's no shove or push, so ... nothing's getting done, but that's ok. I've come to the conclusion that these sort of projects can't be forced. I always said I hated this hobby, but it turns out that hatred is more productive than indifference. Doesn't trouble me too much, anymore, though. I would MUCH rather look back fondly on my AMV editing days than attempt to resurrect something that's dead and gone.

    Speaking of trouble, I don't detest editing like I used to, or at least, it's not akin to gouging my eyes out. I do it rarely enough, now, that digging my fingernails into Premiere and After Effects is kind of like flinging back the dust cover on a sketchy antique. *Cough cough cough*, so much dust, but LOOK what's underneath! Shit, that's ugly - glad I know how to buff and polish better, now! Really... I wish I had more opportunity to tinker. ________________________________________________________

    EDIT - AHAHAA!!! Well isn't this just the most fitting, thing! The website ate my journal entry! Good thing my old habit of copying long posts in production didn't die out. Ah, well... there's a return to form that also spares you, dear reader, from three more paragraphs of woe!

    Jeez... ok um... maybe my only post of this year? Probably. We'll find out! 
  • Ahahahaa! 2016-09-04 17:07:10 You know you've been out of the AMV game too long when YouTube wants to correct your search for your own AMVs with:

    Did you mean: drift riot amv?

    No, no I did not. :( 
  • @Bashar 2016-02-17 18:41:16 Ah, the old "You say tomato, I say tomato" line.

    hehe, ok who read that properly in their head? No, don't answer that. :P 
  • Wow, I'm out of practice. 2016-02-06 10:18:37 Researching a fancy type of effect to use in an AE...find reports that it takes 4 hours of handwork per second to create... do the math for a 4-minute AMV....tahaaaa! NOPE!

    I've never been one to shirk from spending "the time it takes" to get things done with AMVs, but I've come to realize that if I'd known in advance how much time XYZ was going to take, I probably would have been tahaaaa! Noping! all along. Four hours per second is like...nothing, really I've spent FAR more time than that on a second of footage but pile that on top of all the regular AMV work that has to be done and extend it over the entire video? Ugghh...

    In other news...

    Takeout's life-changing legacy has reared it's ugly head again. Not only did that AMV directly lead to a bad ankle fracture in 2007, followed by a year's worth of misdiagnoses, surgery to remove the fractured bone and years of recovery that never actually concluded, now I've developed tears in the meniscus of my knee, which is in turn inflaming my ankle again and making even getting my groceries a twangy experience.

    Less than two years to the big 4-0. Yikes, almost 20 years as a hardcore anime fan. Let's see, in hobbyist video editing I've seen things evolve from cutting and splicing via VHS to everybody and their 2nd cousins whooping it up with After Effects. I remember when effects-heavy videos were presented like "Ok, people, this is not something you can do so don't even try, this guy's special...and insane," to "WHY AREN'T YOU MORE SPECIAL AND INSANE?! YOU SUCK!" Do people still even debate about "eye candy" anymore? I'm out of the loop... Hrm, what else, oh yes - the rise and fall of the genre known as AMV Hell videos, using downloaded video and music vs. ripping DVDs/CDs (nowadays Blu-Rays for the uber-elite), getting lots of anime swag with contest trophies, mailing contest entries vs. uploading them..and lots of other things. And, of course, the rise of YouTube, the place where my AMVs can be blocked and taken down by vague copyright challenges. :| 
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