JOURNAL: Dejo510 (Devin )

  • Whoa Has it really been over a year? 2011-04-20 20:59:30 Wow, been a WHILE since I was last here. So long as I am, may as well make a little journal entry about what's been up...

    ...You know, for all those who won't read this anyway.

    I have been crazy busy.
    -Got an internship for video editing (hurray) and sound design
    -Landed another job which will have me mentor mental patients just coming out of a facility.
    -And on top of this, a friend of mine is starting his own production company

    Bet no one saw that second one coming. I sure as hell didn't.

    I really gotta get me an external HD, the itch to make some AMVs has come back to me...I've learned a few new tricks, after all.
  • Wheee. The longest waited, happiest update in the world. 2010-01-21 22:18:42 My hard drive crashed.
    Lost everything.
    My vids in my backup have been corrupted somehow.
    Must redo a vid i've already been working on for months from scratch...

    Urge to kill...rising.

  • been a while hasn't it? 2009-10-24 17:59:30 First entry in literally MONTHS...I guess an update is in order.

    -Got a new job, and it's keeping me busy like hell
    -Got into the wonderful world of 3d (using Cinema 4D) and am getting ready putting up some of my work in an art show at my college.
    -Haven't done any amv editing in like months.
    -Currently trying to save up my cash and go freelance.

    hrmm...Think I'm gonna be editing one of my amvs today though, hope I haven't gotten TOO rusty.  
  • I swear... 2009-07-12 19:51:50 I'm never masking any character in a maid outfit again...

    Fucking frills 
  • Sigh... 2009-07-12 00:08:42 Lost my job today...=(
    I'm defiantly not the type who doesn't mind being broke...So this Monday, I'm going hunting.

    Go, me.
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