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  • I gots heard! 2007-06-20 18:26:57 Well, yes it's about time the head of this account surfaced no? (wow. now i sound like a huge zit... gross) anyways. yes. it is I Bluechocolatelf. i know you missed me! jk.

    I do apologize for the other half, she gets offended rather easily when you make fun of her bishies.

    Just droppin in to say, sorry it took SOOOO long for me to surface and up the vids, hope all y'all folks enjoy.

    Of the ones posted, my faves are Kenshin Runs and ... Inu's Wine Red. Check 'em out.

    That's all For me. Adios amigos! 
  • Yeah, its egyptianeye again. 2007-06-07 00:19:21 I understand lots of people don't like yaoi, i used to hate it myself but somehow found myself drawn to the idea of Yuugi and Atem, I don't understand how because i used to be like the people who think 'that's gross, how can you think like that, you're disgustin' and granted, when i watched the show i thought they were absolutely wonderful for caring about each other like that, i absolutely love the idea of them being straight, but somehow their bond just seems so much more. I mean its not like i'm sitting here saying they're screwing each other.

    Yami and Yuugi care about each other, as any two great friends do. When I made my What hurts the most video i made it for my boyfriend to show him that i cared that much about him, but because it can be so yaoi i allowed it to be counted as such... i say it's a yxyy vid because any vid like that is always shown as such. it can be taken either way. straight or gay, but once you've experienced everything the Rascal Flatts sing about in that song. Once you have a s/o die and you know the pain, when you find someone who still supports you and cares about you and brings you through it, then you'll understand, but because you don't, you probably can't see how in the world it could be straight.

    When i made that video i had the intention of showing the two as great companions who cared deeply for each other, as my boyfriend and I cared about each other, but I can obviously see that most people believe that it's automatically yaoi. Take a closer look. and take this into mind.

    Not too long ago, my boyfriend committed suicide; shot himself in the head with a gun. I was left with the guilt, because only two days before we had a really bad argument and i refused to listen to him and stopped talking, blatantly ignoring him, and so i stopped talking to him, and soon after he shot himself in the head. He didn't die, he was left in what we call 'the vegetative state' where your brain works but your body doesn't respond.

    During all this, the only people i had to comfort me were kiermund9690 and my other friend xxlilCD100xx well. (on youtube) When I felt guilty they helped me realize that it was not my fault and they helped me move on.

    The pics i put in there, i found, they ARE CLEAN. Granted a couple are very shounen-ai. i tried to keep them as friendly as possible, cuz after all how strange is it for a girl to give her boyfriend a yaoi vid as a present?

    Just keep that in mind before you go calling my video disgusting and yaoi.

    THERES SENTIMENT. If you knew my life, you would understand. but everyone has one way in which they can relate to that song and that video. this is mine. everything else is up to you. 
  • The Intro 2007-01-25 18:45:28 well, its about time that we got off of YouTube and came here, lifes just been too out of hand to even begin to think of doing so! Bluechocolatelf lost one, then another, then another and soon her account was lost, so i made mine. Egyptianeyeofhope. so her subscribers and fans could yet again watch her vids, but they have to be private so no one knows about them cuz no one reads those little person description things.

    well, i'll explain about the two videos we've posted, both of which are made by me; egyptian eye. To start off, i made "Yami, What hurts the most" for my boyfriend that i absolutely adore to death. We've both been through a lot these past three years so i thought i'd make him an AMV to show that i'm always here for him. we've been through turmoils so unbelievable not many would understand, but we're making it. Not to mentions school doesn't allow us any time to see one another since we live on opposite sides of town and go to different schools. So i dedicated it to him, but he hasn't been able to watch it yet because his internet doesn't like him and won't let him download.

    the second 'Kelly + Yami = Cute!' wow. it was my second YuGiOh amv ever and so i fell in love with it instantly, i know the timing is a little bit off but things work out happily in the end. i don't know how i got the idea but i was like 'kelly clarkson.... hmmm.... i wonder' and POOF! a yugioh video was born.

    now i'm all like... hmm... 'love you out loud' (Rascal Flatts) seems like a good song, but i know theres NO way i can make a video that can even stand up to the greatness of this song. so i wallow in the shade until the inspiration will hit me, and the right clip ideas too.

    my lifes so out of whack, but watching the vids on this site makes me forget so i'm alright with it really, but other than spending a lot of my time wishing i was with him i spend doing homework unfortunately.

    not to mention, if i'm not doing that i'm editing a book i wrote, it's still untitled but because i'm so facinated with Egypt, its all about ancient egypt and pharaohs and maybe one or two points that you can relate to yuugiou but not anything really.

    -Egyptian Eye o' Hope 
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