• that feel when.. 2013-07-05 14:36:47've been editing one tiny segment of your amv over and over again and it never looks good enough.

  • I'm back? 2013-06-11 15:23:34 I haven't really had the energy to edit anything for the last few months because of all this schoolwork and my job but now that I'm on holidays for the next two weeks I'm intending to get the editing wheel back on!

    If you see me being lazy on Skype just command me to work on my Fate/Zero amv. I need to get something done by the end of the summer at least! 
  • Nominations 2013-03-08 08:31:52 Finally got them done. I kinda dislike voting for stuff. I don't really watch that many AMVs anymore and don't really follow new releases so my votes always end up going to the most popular videos. I'd rather vote for the less popular hidden gems. BUT, as long as my videos are participating in the contest I feel obliged to participate in the voting too. So there.

    In other news, go watch Psycho-Pass. Like, now. 
  • Bakuman 2013-02-04 18:38:07 I'm at episode 16 of season 3 right now. I love the show and get ridiculously addicted to it, which is creepy since the series basically reads like any artist's worst case scenario. Take the basic concept: two guys dream of becoming mangaka, having their manga being made into an anime and the other guy is even supposed to be rewarded with a girl in the end. All of this through dedication, discipline and hard work. All nice and well so far, except you can read it also like this: It's effectively an anime about dedicating all your time and effort to creating the most commercial manga ever for the big company to reap the biggest profits with.

    It's nice about anime that, whereas in the west you need some kind of media studies and critique of ideology to dig out the dirt from high brow and pop culture alike, in anime it's laid bare in front of you! Bakuman takes place in a bizarre world where the quality of your work is measured by its commercial value, where everybody sees each other as competitors in the market place and where your biggest virtue seems to be workaholism. All of this cloaked in a nice package of pursuing your dreams through hard work and dedication. Perhaps this is what every artist out there should be dreaming of?

    To be fair though, the drama is quite excellent, especially for an anime, whose suspense seems to be coming entirely from competition in popularity charts. I'm quite impressed by how the story juggles with a whole bunch of interesting characters while keeping it focused at the same time. There are also bits of personal non-manga-related drama scattered all around the series and it works so nicely. And when the series is not busy being shounen and propagating individual commercial achievement it actually deals with the flip side of the coin: the characters break down sometimes due to the pressures of competition. No winners without losers. 
  • @Aimo 2013-01-07 08:12:11 iknorite! 
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