JOURNAL: helik4888 (Brian )

  • Why is it always me? 2008-02-26 10:45:48 damn it, why is that people always come to me with there problems. is it because im a nice guy that doesn't try to hurt people, is it because im a psychology major, or is it that im always sitting in my room watching AMV/Anime/random stuff?

    whatever the reason im now knee deep in the problems of other people and it kinda sucks. oh well it can only get worse.

    wish me luck on my crazy adventures...

    Rock on, Citizens!

  • One of these days Alice 2008-02-21 12:13:07 Straight to the moon...I'm so glad i got see the eclipse last night, that was awesome. but now i wont get to enjoy one for another 2 years, oh woes me. i totally want to go star gazing now. 
  • Fear my sub quality AMV's 2008-02-20 12:35:19 i can finally post things on the Org now. i feel so happy. and all it took was a little motivation to actually get it done and some non crappy internet. Now time to do logic homework because my entertainment comes before my work. 
  • Thrill of the Kill 2007-05-05 01:45:41 this is my first journal entry on this site and its on quite a strange topic. I don't know why I am writing this but it should be fun. About an hour ago i almost got into a fight with a kid who was drunk. there was a misunderstanding and things got out of hand. we eventually resolved this issue without fists but there was that constant pressure of pending violence. During that time i didn't let my emotions get the better of me or that would have resulted in a all out brawl. but the funny thing about this incident was, i was excited. It felt like I wanted to hit this kid. In all honesty he could have beat me an inch from death. The thing that I find even more funny about this situation is that he was underestimating me thinking i couldn't fight back very well. in the words of Sun Tzu (spelling) from the book "Art of War". "know yourself and know your enemy." This thought came to my mind during this ordeal. In short I almost wanted to get beat up, then again I'm a little masochistic.  
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