JOURNAL: Acidburn (Phill )

  • Still Alive 2007-05-04 05:55:08 Not that many really care but I am still alive and making videos, its just I get about half way done then I dont like what I've made so I've scrapped about 5 vids so far lol.

    I will eventually make something I am happy with but dont expect any miracles soon.

    Hopefully I will have something by October for a comp but one will see.

    Anywho this was general update

  • No more new video 2005-12-24 02:13:48 I will keep this quick and as painless as I can.

    I lost my newest video.

    That was easy.

    My computer reformatted my storage HD without me telling it to (I think) and so I lost all the video I had and the project file which I am pissed off about.

    Oh well I will just make it again only better and with different anime cause I cant source half my stuff again.

    Ah well

    Thats it really

  • New Video (well sorta) 2005-11-29 16:49:59 Im currently making a new video because well I got bored and thought I needed a new project.

    It started off easily enough with the inncocent placing of clips and so on, then my computer decided to kill my premiere suite now that pissed me off. So I lost half of my prelim video before all the effects, looking back im glad I lost it because compared to my new stuff it sucks. I still need to go back and change some clips so it wont be out for a while longer yet. Actually finishing it may be a good idea.

    I didnt expect this to take me so long I really didnt. Im already over the 30hour mark and Im only just over half way done AND im not sattisfied with some areas at the start.

    Ah well in a couple of weeks it will be up on here so keep an eye out It should be good. 
  • Well 2005-09-12 03:21:52 My new video is done but my internet is going ultra slow at the moment cause of a my cap lol its 10 gig and I broke it in less than a week, I need to stop doing that.

    Anyway my new video is a compilation of severl different anime series and I think it turnd out well. Its to breaking benjamin - blow me away.

    It will be up by the weekend I should think. 
  • Something New 2005-09-01 17:16:27 I have a new video almost done its taken me a couple of weeks to get up to the 3min 10 sec mark now all I need to do is finish the last 15 odd seconds of it, its a hard ending to so Im probably going to be busy with it until the end of the weekend. I enjoy a challenge though and I have about 6 or 7 diff anime showing up in it so I should be able to finish it fairly well, there must be something in all of those clips I have which will work.

    Any keep an eye out for it I will have it up inside of a week.

    Hope you like it, I put myself on a new level with some more advnaced effects than I normally use. Enjoy 
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