JOURNAL: Otohiko

  • @SheeGee 2013-07-14 06:29:43 But I did recognize you, actually! Haha, sorry I only got to talk to you for about a minute. I was a bit out of it, and not because I didn't know who you were - I only ran into you on the last day of the con, and by then I was pretty spent. Staffing the AMV room was no joke, and I think we all averaged 14-16 hours of work per day while there... fun times though! I was really hoping to talk to editors more, but I got into LA too late for the AMV dinner, and the AMV room kept me busy for the entire con afterwards.

    Oh, and go to AWA if you have a chance. Yue knows what she's talking about :P 
  • Crotchtown in strategic alliance with CDVV 2009-06-22 14:51:55 I thought I'd just advertise the fact that as of yesterday, I've joined Corndog Vidvids (CDVV). Controlled celebratory exclamations |:>

    I know I've always tended to keep 'independent' and skirted 'studio politics' and whatnot, but honestly, in the end there's no reason to dig for justifications here. It's just that as of the last year, I've met all the CDVVers in person (except the Mexican, who didn't come to ACen, boo!) and more importantly I'm friends with the lot of them and can safely say I've had more good times in the company of CDVVers (as well as other so-called 'Inner Circle' peeps) in the past year or so than with any other group of people that I can remember in a long time. And I figure if I can play video games, talk, travel, eat, drink, sleep and otherwise act silly with them, I don't see why I shouldn't be in a studio with them either. Nothing political there, and it's not like I need any more favour on the AMVing side of things - I've been having a damn good time in the AMVing community for six years now, and studio or no studio, I've been blessed with good AMVing buddies all through, who've kept the hobby alive for me for most of those six years. And really, I don't see any other reason for AMV studios other than just as acknowledging groups of friends and dominating cons (well, maybe).
    And I also pass the crucial test of thinking like Ileia, so what the hell.

    So, here's to moar good times ahead etc. And hopefully more actual editing. 
  • 2009-06-04 12:51:05 Chris: like hell you're "never gonna do" that 3D video D:


    Bah, so bummed out on post-acen, post-editing, way-too-much work mindset. Must edit and make other interesting plans soon ;_; 
  • Gotta love good music artists 2007-11-30 01:09:59 I have to say I am very happy with how the music artists to whose music I made my AMVs and who found said AMVs reacted.

    First it was Jakob Givoni who found my and Jasper's Iron Chef videos, now it appears TU (ex-King Crimson rhythm section) have got wind of my milkfight.avi AMV short and feature it on their myspace page, while Trey Gunn has also put the video as an "episode" on his recently-started video blog


    I love web 2.0-savvy musicians. 
  • Grrr 2007-05-18 00:07:48

    For some reason, I'm somewhat frustrated at the progress I've been making with a video I'm working on (does that sound like a contradiction?)

    The thing is that the video itself is fairly personal. I was not making it for an audience other than myself but, in my quest to improve for the sake of improvement, I got beta-testers involved. Who gladly shredded and near-denounced many aspects of the beta, at my request and not exclusively to my dismay. Instead of discouraging me, that made me work on it, bring it back for testing, have it shredded yet again, and go back to the drawing board.

    The result, don't get me wrong, is a much better video and one that I think follows my own vision of it more clearly, but something just bothers me about it. It might just be the fact that after all the shredding, I'm still getting a 'do what you think is better' reaction. I've thrown, half-jokingly, the idea of not releasing the video at all (which by the way I'd be comfortable with...), and I'm still left with a 'do what you think is better' response.

    On the one hand they're right. It IS entirely up to me, especially with a video I'm so protective of (again, because I consider it very personal). On the other hand... I've never really cared about public reactions to my video, but in a way I am worried now. I am worried that all the effort expended on smoothing out the video will fall through with the lack of personal connection for viewers (of whom the beta testers may well be good representatives). I am worried that a somewhat tacked-on and uninteresting editing approach will mess it up. And I really can't get a gauge on that from anyone so far. And that by itself is worrying me a lot.

    I don't know. In a year when I wanted to challenge myself to making con-worthy material, I'm sinking further and further into totally non-competitive, personal editing. Worse still, I'm starting to suspect that at this rate I'm about to release a video that's entirely devoid of value to anyone but me. As my much-respected Fripp would say, if it means something to the artist, it will mean something to the audience. I should like to trust that but I'm not really convinced this always works.

    Guess we'll find out when I finish this one. 
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