JOURNAL: J-0080 (Justin Villasenor)

  • Now I'm an [Conceited?] Oldie! 2006-05-02 23:49:19 Just noticed that as of yesterday I've been bumming around the .Org for 3 years.

    Videos Entered in Database: 0
    Posts Made on Forums: 3911

    Seems a bit one-sided, no?


    I'll make one of those crazy Ay-Uhm-Vees one o'these days. 
  • =* 2003-12-28 18:47:20 I miss Off-Topic. 
  • Whew 2003-11-01 14:07:57 I just got done writing what became my longest RP yet. Took me a good hour to do. *sigh* Think I'll play some Galactic Civilizations to give my mind a rest.

    And I need to stop eating candy, I've already had enough for today.
  • Org Chat 2003-10-18 21:22:50 It seems everytime I go into the Org chat room I feel a little more stupider..................(yes that was intentional). 
  • One day late 2003-10-12 07:16:25 I actually forgot to make this entry yesterday, but anyway.

    It was my birthday yesterday. So now I'm 17 years old, many cheers for me. 
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