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  • Getting started, again... 2004-02-17 07:50:14 This would be my first journal entry. Great fun.... Anyway, I guess I better get started.

    I decided I probably ought to start writing something so that I could get a better idea of just how much time I actually spend working on stuff. I finally got started with the actual production of my second AMV. I've been going over it in my head (along with an idea for a third) for a while, but have actually started working with the music and the video.

    One of the things that I do with all of my projects, regardless of what kind of project, is try to meet some form of challenge. With my first AMV, the challenge was to put all that mathematics to work and make sure that I could get the beats to line up.

    If you've seen it, it fades for most of the shots. I realize that most people think that fades are nice ways of blurring the beat, but I made sure that the fades were synched with the beat. I used the fades to create a pattern (actually three or four patterns) to help story flow. I only used them to fudge the beat when the beat was fudged at the end. If you thought I was being lazy with the beats, look again.

    That challenge aside, the next challenge is two-fold: I'm going to try using not just one series (therefore preventing me from working off a file stored on my hard disk), but two series. Thus, I'm working with the challenge of more footage to choose from and the inability to retrieve it quite as quickly and the challenge to bring two different series into a cohesive story.

    The song I'm using is "Into the West", performed by Annie Lennox (and found at the beginning of the credits at the end of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. Once I heard it, I knew that I wanted to make an AMV to it and I knew that I wouldn't be alone. Sure enough, someone else has already done an AMV to it.

    Regardless of that, I would hope that I would be able to produce something more monumental. I want to draw more on the abstraction of the song, the beauty of the music, the meanings of the words. The song is laced with references to the Silmarillion. The song cannot be understood without the Silmarillion's definitions. I will probably explain these in more detail once I finish the movie.

    Anyway, I'm afraid that this movie is going to feel "longer" than the last one simply because it's a little faster than the last one. You say, "How does faster make it longer?" "Because it takes about the same amount of time from beginning to end."

    I did what I could to get the music to a fairly nice tempo (90 bpm from something like 91-92 bpm). However, the video doesn't quite seem synched to it. I don't have much yet and had this problem at the beginning of the first project, so it may smoothe out later on.

    "Will I shorten the music otherwise?" No way! I want the full song experience and I think that, for me to do the song justice and fully flesh out the story, I will need all the time that I get. Granted, the clips are going to be a little shorter and things might be moving a little faster, thus making me feel like I'm telling more in less time, but I still think I need the entire song.

    I can't tell how much time I've put into it so far. I would probably call it four hours, though I know that the ripping took longer than that. I'm not going to even try to keep track of ripping time.

    Anyway, so the current time tally is: 4 hours.
    Let's hope I don't have to go through three major versions before coming up with something presentable. However, a respectable third version is better than a poor first version.

    Paul Rowe 
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