JOURNAL: Ryvannis

  • Journal #1 2008-09-30 18:46:11 Well it has been about 3 months since I updated my profile so I'll go and blabber about what I'm planning on doing for AMV projects and anything else that comes into mind. If you are curious I'm finally getting back to redoing Alibi of Regrets, I'm using After Effects on top of it. But since it is my first time using it, I'm not sure on how it's going to turn out, look in my main profile for information on it. And I finally found out about the journal features on the org, so I'll be using that from now on. How did I not see that in the first place? -_-
    As my computer suffered a major downgrade some time ago, as I had to sell it off originally and buy another since I owed some friends a bit of cash. <_<
    Hopefully when I get a job I can upgrade the PC again, but it doesn't seem much of a issue with my AMVs as along as I don't run out of space.

    Recently started college for the first time, not the best start but I'll get there. I'll talk more about school later as time passes on. Also finished watching Code Geass and Macross Frontier, and I have never been so impressed. Especially Macross Frontier, from start to finish I really enjoyed it, being a long time fan I was amazed by the finale, since I almost shed a tear at the flashbacks that it brought back from the original 1984 movie. It's really something that the mainstream crowd should look at. As you can blame Harmony Gold if that doesn't happen as they won't give up the original license unless they get a huge sum out of sale. Which would result in almost no money for the hard work of the original creators. This has been the issue for a good 15-20 years, and I'm really fed up with how greedy Harmony Gold has become. Let's just hope the issue settles and that it gets licensed here in the U.S soon.

    I'm also going to start my secret project sometime next month, it will take several if not 6 months to complete since I'm going to work off the best of my abilities to it. I really want to push in effects and masking within it, along with my selection and usage of scenes. My only issue at the moment is to find out which song to use. I kind of know what I want to use but I don't know if its something that could work out, even though it would, sorry it's hard to explain when I have to keep most of the project a secret. . My goal for this one is to win a big award at AX, and actually get in to the contest...
    I'll be using one of my top animes, I'll give you a hint though, its not one of the animes that I used in my AMVs. Plus if you guessed correctly on the anime that I'm using, I still won't say your correct. :P
    And don't worry I'll be working on other projects at the same time so no more late updates, if I'm not too lazy hopefully.
    Lastly if you need help; like beta testing, questions, etc. I'm more then happy to get away from my current project to help ya out.
    Well that's it for now!
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