JOURNAL: Kutani (Kuuta Kutani)

  • Ecky-ecky 2001-11-06 11:58:52 Lain vid a little over 300 hits, combining first release version and revised version. Not bad, considering it's only been a little over a week.
    My Log vid has been up for months and only recently hit 900. Well, it's all cool. I just hope more people comment on Lain (so it's score gets tallied) and no more on Log (because it's starting to bring it down, now).

    At work now. Oversleep, came in 15 mins late. Luckily no one was here yet. *whew* I'm hungry tho, and without shower. -_-
    Bored, too. Must remember to bring sketchybook next time.

    I have nothing more to say.
    I am tempted to meet Kusoyaro's challenge about I Am the Walrus. 
  • Revised Version Up 2001-11-02 00:07:32 Just posted my revised Lain video.
    It's at:

    Puh-leeze check it out and comment on it, ne?
    C'mon, it's Lain, it's Eleanor Rigby, how can it go wrong?
    Tell me how! I wanna know!

  • Blargheth 2001-11-01 13:10:38 At work now, hungry as always, listening to Cowboy Bebop OST 2 "No Disc." I am terribly bored, as I am unable to work on anything I want to work on here. Need some way to get source in here... so I could work on a video in FCP2... Oh well. C'est la vie.

    Last night I got the first kind words from an ex-best friend since almost a year ago. Due to various circumstances and mishaps and everyone concerned being really stupid (including myself), we split apart. It's really bothered me ever since... Maybe we'll start patching things up in the near future. I dunno. Just kinda interesting.

    Was unable to work on my Lain vid revisions last night, due to me being lazy. I will get to it tonight, and have it uploaded. I hope to get more comments on it.

    Speaking of comments, I'm thinking I'm going to go download and comment on the videos of any AMV creator who also comments on my videos. It's only fair. Not that I can do that here. Later, when I'm home and have time to be nice and verbose.

    La la. I have nothing more to say.
    I really should start bringing my sketchybook to work...

  • Almost finish with revisions?! 2001-10-31 03:42:47 Well, I was planning on doing bits and peices here and there, but I ended up not having to capture at all, and I fixed up all but one of the shots I was planning on fixing (which WILL probably require some new capture).

    All-in-all, I'm quite glad I've gone back. I solved some problems I had originally, AND I learned a nifty new function of Vegas Video by accidently right-clicking somewhere I wasn't used to right-clicking. Ah, the Kutani Tinker Method of learning software.

    I may finish up the vid tomorrow and have this revised version uploaded tomorrow night. Hopefully it will attract even more people. Nyo-ho.

    I am sleepy. I go sleep now. Sleep is good.

  • Revisions 2001-10-30 14:15:01 Yeah, I think I AM going to go back and fix up the Lain vid. It's messy. I'll work on that hodgepodge this week, then re-render and upload this weekend, replacing the current linked video.

    Unfortunately 129+ people will have gotten the old one. Ah well. Better to do it as soon as I can than never.

    I have nothing more to say. I am not a wordy Kuuta today. 
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