JOURNAL: ChemicalPink (Tina Wall)

  • ::sigh:: 2003-08-05 22:45:17 the anime music video world is starting to frustrate me. i think i've seen everything good that will be found. and my computer is being unreliable, so i can't work on anything. i hate this. 
  • a-kon 2003-06-04 20:23:45 made it back from A-Kon alive, and safely, and deeply in debt.

    my video didn't win or anything, but it was still cool to see it on a big screen.

    I bought 30$ worth of lovely japanese candy and foodstuffs. and, yes daniel, i loaded up on pocky.

    I have learned that:

    1. Fat girls shouldn't dress up like sailor scouts, or any other scantilly clad anime character
    2. Green Tea flavored pocky is BAD.
    3. Cons are about the funnest things ever.
    4. The people in the rooms around you are usually pretty willing to talk to you via balcony, and don't mind when you show up at the door of their room to say hey at midnight.
    5. Japanese candy is way better than American candy. Right now I am eating lovely marshmallows with chocolate filling. I have some with apple filling, also.
    6. I want to move to Japan so I can eat their food all the time.
    7. Boys aren't very appericiative of Revolutionary Girl Utena.
    8. My boyfriend said it's okay if I dress up like a nurse and sell supplies at Hentai Night next year, peanut vendor at baseball game style (supplies = tissues, vasoline, etc.)
    9. Parties can exsist anywhere, even in elavators.
    10. I don't like driving in Dallas.

    Sorry if I can't catch up on everyone's site. I'm trying. 
  • first entry 2003-05-29 16:09:59 So, in three hours, I'm leaving for A-Kon. I want comments on my video when I get back. Also when I get back, I'll have another video up. I didn't want to put it up before it showed in the contest, but I'll put it up as soon as I get back. 
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