JOURNAL: HurQlez03 (Daniel Hopkins)

  • I have the MAC world 2004-10-13 22:29:42 Well I did it. I have traded my Gateway laptop for a new 17" Powerbook along with a package of Final Cut Pro, Motion, DVD Studio Pro 3. Now if someone can tell me how to use this stuff. 
  • Recognition 2004-07-15 13:39:06 While I wait for some help with my Premiere Pro, I have been sending my AMVs to all the big contests. "Get Up and Die" won at FanimeCon for Best Action, and "Faithless" is getting good reviews at Otakon prescreenings (Please make me a finalist.) Also, both of them made it to the finals at Animethon 11. I hope I get that glass trophy. Well gotta find more cons. 
  • Boring with nothing 2004-06-27 00:52:28 Not being able to make an AMV because Pro is crapping out on me is a bitch. The program is just gonna make things worse. I hope I am able to get the 6.5 version soon. I want to work!!! I need to use my ideas!! 
  • To hell with Pro! 2004-06-26 00:38:13 Nothing seems to work with Pro. I am just gonna find the 6.5 version and use that from now on. And hope I dont crash again 
  • Problem solved? 2004-06-20 03:05:48 I seem to have found a loophole into my rendering problems in Pro. With custom settings, I cant render previews like I used. But I found out that if you use "Horizontal flip" twice on a clip, it works. But now I get an error recently and codec error. Geez let me f*****g work, Pro! 
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