JOURNAL: Waldo (Omar Jenkins)

  • Anime USA 2002 2002-10-14 12:32:09 Anime USA came and went this past weekend and it was a blast. I worked my ass off trying to get the contest and forums organized and I think they both came out pretty well aside from a hardware glitch of two. Check on the Anime Conventions forum for my recap of the weekend. 
  • Finals are over...and Omar gets wasted 2002-05-25 23:50:15 Two things of note happened this past week:
    1. The semester ended.
    2. I forgot to take one of my finals.(I'm such a dumbass)

    *goes back to making a Flaming Poof*
    Now where did I put the high-pulp orange juice and peach schapps? 
  • return to AMV creation 2002-04-15 21:15:25 Aftera hiatus of who knows how many years, I'm back to video editing once again. For my Computer Graphics class we were given the project of making a video in Premiere set to music. Our teacher's examples consisted of applying massive filters to still images in order to get them to move across the screen, spin, stretch, pan, etc. Most people opted for using just one audio track and the stretch-n-squish method of making "video" for the project. Instead of messing with those simples things, I've decided to force myself back into making AMVs by trying my hand at creating an AMV with eight audio tracks, actual video footage, and compositing still images with the video. There's nothing like a grade looming over your head to persuade you on to doing something. 
  • QuarkXPress is *evil* 2002-03-27 18:03:30 It's Spring Break over at the University of Maryland. All the freshmen have run back to mommy homesick, all the frat guys are getting drunk on frat row, all the seniors are in Flordia watching girls go wild, and all the sorostitutes are in Florida currently going wild. Where am I during all this... ...stuck in a cramped office with 12 other people, no airconditioning, and the hellspawn of Satan himself -- QuarkXpress.

    For some strange reason I decided to take on a layout job at a non-profit organization a month ago, and that's what led me to my current state.

    When I took the job this is what I was told:
    I was told that I would be able to do the majority of the work from home since I had plenty of bandwidth to acess the files and a copy of QuarkXpress. Therefore I would only need to come in to the office once in a while to help with computer hardware/software troubleshooting and for checking over revisions.

    This reality of the sitution:
    I came in to work every friday, saturday and sunday for 6 - 8 hours a day(basically everyday I didn't have class), and did layout work. Due to the fast changing nature of the project, I have only been able to work from home for a grand total of 7 hours so far. The other 80+ hours of work have been in the office.

    Also due to various bugs in QuarkXPress and not enough forethought on the part of my boss, I have had to put far more hours into this project then I was originally told. Hence having to work a 60 hour work week during my spring break. I guess on the bright side I'm being paid by the hour as opposed to by the job. Which means I'm getting more money than I had origianlly planned. 
  • NCAA Tourney 2002-03-24 09:11:18 I never thought it'd say this, but I feel sorry for Hsien now that Duke is out of the tournament. They're a good team and I was hoping they'd make it to the Big Game. As Hsien said in his journal: "Ah well. Next year." I'll say this much for Duke, their fans are great. They root for the team, yet don't cause half a million dollars worth of dammage when they win/loose/dont-play. 
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