JOURNAL: meleechampion (Bubby )

  • 2013-04-23 02:40:42 Getting caught up on new-ish adventure time. Had the episode opened and stopped a whole three seconds before I realized I was watching by myself. >.> 
  • 2013-03-19 05:24:38 we should have spoiler tags in these journals 
  • <3 QCs 2013-03-14 03:07:53 2013-03-14 02:42:26 If I had to give this video two adjectives, they would be pretty and hard. (pink bows) 
  • I accidentally a letter. 2012-07-17 09:00:03 Not a current donor. Can't edit post. This website sucks. 
  • Welcome, GuntherAMVs, to the wide world of journal vomit. 2012-06-09 00:37:03 I've been clean for a while now, but I will say time enjoyed is not time wasted.

    I'm about due for some insane ramblings. I know ya'll missed me droning on about my first world problems. 
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