JOURNAL: Gundam 03 (David Grange)

  • Sorry 2003-05-30 11:03:41 I was just looking over my profile and my old journal entry and I realized how much of a jerk I sound like. In my first journal entry, instead of introducing my self, I whined about how I couldn't get a video. And I have submitted a bunch of problems when I couldn't get certain videos. When i really shouldn't complain as much when I haven't donated anything towards this site. And I don't know how to make videos so I wouldn't know anything about how hard it is to submit one onto a site and keep it running. Sorry for being a jerk. 
  • I WANT PWOLF'S DRAGULA GUMDAM WING VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2003-04-10 11:19:44 I downloaded this video at school. I really loved it. I ist currently my favorite music video ever. I wanted to download it at home so I could watch it whenever I wanted to but before I could get to it it became unvailable. It has been that way for months now. I really wanted to show it to my 8-year old brother. Duo is his favorite Gundam Wing Character of all time. I really hope that PWOLF didn't delete it and isn't going to bring it back. I really want to be able to get it at home. 
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