JOURNAL: backlash18 (kale )

  • enough is enough 2006-06-15 23:49:42 damnit, thats it! ive had a damn nough of u weomen, saying one fucking thing but wanting or meaning another! say what u want to say! not the opposit or something that u dont actually want. im sick of being damn told well i want u to be happy, when really what u want is to go and throw urself all over some damn guy. or u really actually want us to stay, but u think we dont want to so u say the same thing and that we can do what we want now. but what u dont seem to fucking know is that i want YOU! not to be w/ anyone fucking else! Damn this shit is annoying! and by weomen i mean the girl i was dating! but most of u do the same damn thing. whats up w/ this? i mean do yall enjoy playing w/ peoples emotions? or is it that u just dont know what the fuck u really want? sorry if i piss any of u off, but im alittle peeved right now! dont take it personally. im just wanting some kind of some answers! 
  • best day in a while! 2006-06-12 22:32:53 ok today was my 1st day off in like 5 days! and today at about 5 i get called into work! lol, but it actually didnt piss me off. considering the fact i was late the day before i figured this was my chance to make it up. anyway i get there and the damn president personally pulls me to the back and thanx me! O.O and then ontop of that he hands me 20 bucks and says im getting paid $11.50/hr for coming in!!!!!!!!! now seeing as i only make like %8.00/hr i was pretty fuckin shocked! exspecially seeing as i got cussed out by the same guy the day before for being damn 20 mins late! but i'm feeling pretty damn good about that shit! lol.  
  • its been awhile 2006-06-09 22:44:02 damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok not to be perverted or like any of u even care but i feel like damn sharing anyway. lol i havent had SEX in over 3 MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. god i need a girlfriend, actually i just need some sex but a girlfriend would be nice too. ;p speaking of which its been over a year since i even had a blowjob my last girl refused to do it! whats up w/ that? lol. ughhhhhhhh *depression sinks in, lower my head* well thats all just thought i'd let ya'll know, lol. peace! 
  • Bethany i am x2 2006-06-08 19:24:14 don't let it bother u that bad. i know how that shit feels though. i'm still dealing w/ window movie maker. *drops head, imbaressed* lol. damn thing loves to freeze right up on me in the middle of a project letting me loose what ever i had worked on for the day. pisses me off to no end when it does that shit. by the way a good graduation present is always 1. money
    2. Booze or god ol' hard liqour. lol
    3. a car! lol
    anyway good luck! 
  • Bethany i am 2006-06-08 18:26:22 funny shit! lol. 
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